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Welcome to the TechYES website!

(Youth and Educators Succeeding)

Instructor:  Mr. Pluff 

What is TechYES?.
  • TechYES is a 10-week project based course that is a requirement for all 7th graders.
  • Utilizing technology, (ie. computers, digital cameras, scanners, camcorders, etc.) students plan and construct two projects.
  • The projects can be on any topic as long as students use technology to; 1) gather information, 2) organize their information, 3) construct their projects, and 4) share their projects.
  • Projects to choose from can include any two of the following: 
1)  Build a website
2)  Create a Powerpoint Presentation
3)  Create a Photo Story
4)  Create a Pod Cast
5)  Create a Glog
6)  Create an MS Publisher brochure
7)  Create a Movie 
8)  Any project with approval from instructor (ie. programing computer, build video game, etc.) 
  • In addtion to completing two projects, units on computer safety and ethics and copyrights are also covered.

Student Projects - Websites

Cody Supensky - Elements
Megan Dwyer - What You Missed If You Were Absent

Student Projects

Albert Shaw's Video - Gun Safety
Andrew Robert's Video - How to Kick a Football
Jeff Egnoto's Video - How to do a Kick Flip on a Skateboard
Karin Walker's Video - How to Take Care of Chickens
Megan Dwyer's Photo Story - So You Want to be a Cheerleader?
Patrick Delpha's Video - How to do the Three Rondo's
Tayeesa Ososkalo's Photo Story - How to Make Apple Bread
Last updated on 3/16/2011
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