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Ms. Annette Wallace, Technology teacher
Team Technology teacher: Mr. Maurice Lepine
Ray Middle School, Room 231
E-mail at


Introduction to Technology will engage your student in a variety of hands on activties to introduce Technological concepts and how they impacts our lives.

Class room Supplies:
3 Ring Binder with clear cover insert
10 sheets of lined paper
pen or pencil

Grading information:   Each assignment will be graded out of 100 points.  Assignments are placed into categories depending on the amount of time and skills needed to complete each task. The categories are weighted to equal 100%.

Class work assignments and quizzes 45%
Projects 55%

Five week grades

Five week grades will be posted on Schooltools.  Students have been working on project and assignments related to measurement, hydroponics, shop safety and their technology binder cover.  

Tech Money and Tech in the News

No funds, cash or lab fee is collected for this class.

During the quarter the student will assigned a weekly short research, reading and writing assignments.  This will allow the student to learn how technology is impacting people's lives.   These assignment is not graded but is used to create "capital or tech money for the student"  This play "money" is then used by the student to "purchase" the supplies they need to build their projects.

Technology in the News

Each week students are ask to select a tech article to read and learn about technology in their environment.  They are asked to write a four sentence summary on the "Tech in the News form.  The correctly completed form and a copy of the article will allow the student to earn $10.00 tech dollars per week.
Remember a tech article must be about a tool, machine or device that helps someone increase their capabilities.  The summary should describe how the device or tool helps people.  The student should explain how the technology device impact or effect our life.  Please refer to the course description for more information about "Tech in the News."

Technology Topics of the Week  for Tech in the News

Each week the class will be assigned a Tech topic of the week to research, read and write an short four sentence summary to earn tech money.  The topic will reflect topics or content we will be learning about in class.

The students have a copy of the tech topics and the due dates in their Technology binder. 
Remember complete one form per week. 

Tech topics for the 4th Quarter 2015 are:

Remembering the Model T      Practice article   

Hydroponics      November 18

Biomimicry     December 2

3-D printing       December 9

Robotics              December 16

Electric Cars      extra:  This article can be completed by January 13, to pay for the rocket engine for launch.
                           If the student has enough  tech money  for the class activities this article is not required.  
                            Most students will not need this article

Tech in the news Guidelines:

1.  The article selected by the student should be related to the selected topic for each week to earn the most capital.
The student have a green sheet that identifies the topic for each week and the date each article is due. 
The students will have this paper in their Technology binder.

2.  The top of the  Tech in the news form must be completed correctly.
Due date, name of the article and where the article was found on the internet or the name of the magazine used by the student.

3.  The bottom of the form must have four complete sentences in the summary.  
The student must identify in the summary how the machine, tool or device helps people.  

4.  The form must be handed in on the due date.  

5.  A printed copy of the article must be with the student's summary in order to recieve tech money pay.
A Parent signature may be used in place of the printout.  We ask that Parents check the research to review the appropriate site and that the article is at least four paragraphs in length.

More information related to the pay and extra articles is on the course description in the section identified as Tech in the News.  The students also have a "Tech in the News tip sheet" to help with printing problems and selecting an appropriate articles.

New Technology activity:  Hydroponics 
Student Teacher Dan Vinette   April 2014

Each student will be creating a hydroponic growing container from a water bottle.  We will be plantng Micro mix seeds for each student to monitor their growth and then take the model home. The Micro mix can be used as a sandwich, soup or salad topping.  There is an activity sheet which has a Link to the Techponics blog for more information. 

To view the video to create or build the hydroponics model we used in class click on hyperlink below:

View the video created By Dan Vinette, student teacher at Ray Middle School:  
                       Harvest Your Micro Greens 
Click on the hyperlink to watch the Harvest video for Micro Greens:

Reminder: After the student has harvested the micro greens, try them as a topping for salad, scramble eggs, soup or sandwich.  Record your opinion and information on the green evaluation sheet.  Obtain a parent or gaurdian signature and bring back to school by the due date and recieve $10.00 Tech dollars.

The Microgreens have all gone home and been enjoyed by our students.  As a reminder each student is required to complete the green evaluation sheet to complete the grading process or this project.

The microgreens may need to grow a few more days at home before you harvest them.  Place them in a bright window and remember to water them.  The water will evaporate faster in a sunny window.  After you harvest the greens they may be regrown.  You will have to feed them with a nutrient solution. 

You might want to purchase your own Micro Green Mix from

Tote Construction Project:
Tote project instruction videos.  List below are the Instruction videos we created for the students related to their Tote Construction project.  The student may view these videos to help them learn safety and wood working techniques that we will use in class.  

Read each title then click the link for the video. to create the tote Ends Sanding the Tote the Belt Sander and Drill Press Assembly (Stage 1)

Model Rocket Project 

We will be making model rockets in class  and haveand launching them at School during the weeks of October 30th thru November 9th.  Launch dates will be posted on the top of the web page as we get closer to the launching procedures.  Dates are dependent on the weather and of course the completion of the rockets.

Video link for rocket construction are on ensemble.  Use the link below to help find the videos.

Please be aware!!  These videos all transfered as one large video, use the times below to help you find the video you need for your constuction process.

Steps to create the body tube is the first video

Steps to Design the tail fins look for time:  9:40

Steps to Create the Recovery system look for time 22:38

Steps to Shape the Nose cone look for time 28:08

Steps to Attach the Tail fins look for time 31:46

Steps the Attach the recovery system look for time 41:54

Steps to Attach the Launch straw look for time 47:13

Steps to Attach the Engine clip look to time 50:56

Final steps to Launch the rocket look for time 56:00 

Use the video scroll bar to move the video to the desired time needed.

Rocket video link below: Rockets