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Durgee Junior High Guidance Counselors

Durgee Junior High Counseling Program
The role of the school counseling department at Durgee Junior High School is to help students make a successful transition from the middle school to the high school.  Our student-centered model is designed to promote student success by focusing on each student's academic, social, interpersonal, and career needs.

Counselors meet with students for a variety of reasons throughout the year including individual/personal counseling, academic counseling, crisis counseling, family counseling, career preparation, and peer/conflict resolution.  Junior High School can be a difficult and confusing time for teenagers.  Students often need assistance in dealing with the pressures and uncertainty they sometimes find themselves facing.  Counseling helps students gain greater awareness and insight into their problems.
Durgee School Counselors Provide:
School Counseling Services
*Individual        *Crisis
*Group          *Career        *Academic
*Conflict Resolution/Bullying
Parent Services
*Orientation Programs
*High School Planning Meetings
*Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences
*Outside Counseling Referrals
*Advise and consultation regarding school procedures and policies
*Test and record interpretation
Additional Services
*Schedule changes
*Career portfolio
*Student registration
*Maintain 504 plans
*Transcript review
*Make referrals to alternative programs
*Assist students in making positive and healthy decisions
*Age appropriate drug/alcohol information


Counselor Student Assignments 
2017-18 school year
(by student's last name)

Mr. Marciniak
Grade 8 A-D Grade 9 A-D
Mrs. Dwyer
Grade 8 E-K Grade 9 E-La
Mrs. Arigo
Grade 8 L-R Grade 9 Lb-Q
Mr. McMahon
Grade 8 S-Z Grade 9 R-Z
School Pyschologist: Mrs. Aitchison

Guidance Secretaries
            Mrs. Knaul:
          Mrs. Micale:

phone number: 638-6088
Last updated on 8/22/2017
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