Ms. Fox's Algebra 2 - Common Core Page

Supplies:  A TI-84+ graphing calcuator is required for this course.  A TI-83+ calculator will work, but the TI84+ has a few extra functions that make it a better fit for this class.  I would suggest shopping online ahead of time, and watch the store sdvertisements.  A price inthe $80 range is a a good price.  Don't be afraid to purchase a used calculator.  They generally don't get viruses and are ususally hold up pretty well ofter years of use.  Also, the school has a loaner program in which students can sign-out a calculator for the year at no cost unless the calculator gets lost or damaged.  See your teacher during the first week of school in order to obtain a sign-out sheet.
Student will also need a 1" or 1-1/2" three ring binder with looseleaf and graph paper.
Notes and Assignment Sheets
2017-2018 Welcome Letter
2017-2018 Parent Letter
090617 First Day Info.
2017-2018 Re-Do Requirements
090717 Polynomial Operations
090817 Long Division
091117 HWK 1-2 Answers Only
091217 Review Factoring (GCF, DOTS, Grouping)
091317 Factoring Trinomials
091417 Factoring Sum and Diff. of Perfect Cubes
091517 Solving Equations By Factoring
091817 More Solving Equations By Factoring
091917 Simplifying Radicals and Discriminant
092017 Quadratic Formula
092117 Completing the Square
092217 Mixed Factoring
092517 Review for Test Tomorrow
092717 Start Ch.2 - Simplifying Rational Expressions
092817 Adding and Subtracting with Unlike Denominators
092917 Solving Equations Discovery
100217 Solving Rational Equations
100317 Complex Fractions
100417 Mult. and Dividing Rational Expressions
100517 Review #1 for Test Wednesday
101017 Review Day #2 for Tests Tomorrow
101217 Start Ch.3
101617 More 3X3 Systems
101717 Solving Systems Graphically
101817 More Solving Systems Algebraically
101917 Parabolas
102017 More Parabolas
102317 Review #1 (Systems using Calculators)
102417 Review Questions
102417 Review Answers for Test Tomorrow
102617 Start Ch.4 The Number i
102717 Operations with Complex Numbers
103017 Powers of i
103117 Solving Quadratics with Complex Solutions
110117 Class Work Review Answers
110617 Start Ch.5 - Factoring By Grouping
110717 More Mega Factoring
110817 End Behavior
110917 Multiplicity
111317 Higher Degree Polynomials Factoring and Solving
111417 Homework Answers only (Activity Day)
111517 Increasing and Decreasing Functions
111617 Finish Inc/Dec Functions and Start Remainder Thm
111717 Remainder Theorem
112017 Odd and Even Functions
112717 Review Answer Key
112917 Start Ch.6 Function Review
113017 Domain and Range
120117 Domain Algebraically
120417 Function Operations - Notation
120517 Compositions of Functions
120617 Inverses Graphically
120717 Finding Inverses Algebraically
120817 Transformations
121117 Applications of Functions
121217 Review for Test Tomorrow
121517 Start Ch.7 Right Triangles
121817 Co-Terminal and Quadrantals Angles
121917 Radians
122017 ASTC and Reference Angles
122117 Finding Trig Values on the Unit Circle and Pyth Identity
122217 Exact Value and Function of Pos Acute Angle
010218 Finding Exact Values
010318 Reciprocal Functions
010418 Finding Remaining Trig Values
010818 Review for Test Tomorrow
011018 Start Ch.8 Trig Graphs
011118 Amplitude, Frequency and Period
011218 Graphing Trig Functions With Diff. Amp and Freq
011618 More Trig Graphing with Amp and Freq
011718 Graphing Trig Functions with Translations
011818 Writing Equations of Trig Functions
011918 Trigonometric Modeling
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