Blackboard is a course-management software program that is used by students to access course information on or off of campus.  It is internet based, which means that you can access it anywhere that you have internet access.  Instructors use Blackboard for several reasons:
  • View/print course documents such as the syllabus, assignments, and class readings
  • Read class announcements
  • Assign projects, reports
  • Review for upcoming exams
  • Preview videos
  • Take tests and quizzes
  • View your class scores
  • Create discussion threads - daily, weekly, monthly, or on an as needed basis 
  • Provide an electronic, Interactive, web-based, 21st century, 24/7 classroom 
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Useful Websites

Blackboard Website

Blackboard Files

Blackboard Management
Blackboard Student Self Enroll
Manually Enroll Your Students into BB
Blackboard Guest Accounts
Customizing your Blackboard Account
Blackboard's New Features
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