College Entrance Exam Testing Dates (2017 - 2018)

PSAT - Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test
The PSAT was offered on Saturday, October 14th. The next offering will be in October 2018. 
Exam results will be available in December. Students who included an email on their answer sheet will receive a notification with instructions on how to view their scores.
For more information on score interpretation go to:

The PSAT is recommended for all 11th graders planning to attend a 4 year college. 10th graders may take the exam but it is recommended that they be concurrently enrolled in Algebra 2. Students who receive accommodations should ensure they have been approved for accommodations through College Board with their Special Education teacher or School Counselor.
SAT Test Dates & Registration -
The SAT is not offered at CW Baker High School. Our students typically take the exam with surrounding districts (CNS, Liverpool, etc.) depending on the exam date selected.
The ACT is typically offered at CW Baker High School in October and June.

For students with testing accommodations, please review our brochure.
Last updated on 11/2/2017