What is the Common Core?

The Common Core is a series of national standards designed to make sure students are better prepared for employment and college. Forty-five states and three territories have adopted the Common Core standards.  In adopting the Common Core Standards, New York State became eligible for Race to the Top grants provided by the federal government.


How does the Common Core impact our students?

Currently, the Common Core will most impact eighth and ninth grade students in their ELA and mathematics classrooms. The curriculum and assessments in these areas are designed to reflect the new standards. The standards ask students to master new material in a different way. Because the standards are more rigorous in some ways, it may impact student grades.

What are the major shifts in ELA/literacy?
  • Read as much non fiction as fiction
  • Learn about the world by reading
  • Read more challenging material closely
  • Discuss reading using evidence
  • Write non fiction using evidence
  • Increase academic vocabulary
What are the major shifts in mathematics?
  • Focus - learn more about fewer, key topics
  • Build skills within and across grades
  • Develop speed and accuracy
  • Really know it, really do it
  • Use it in the real world
  • Think fast AND solve problems
How can parents help?
Durgee teachers are excited to help your child successfully address these new challenges. Parents can support classroom activities and help students prepare for and master the new standards by reviewing the following guides and documents.
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