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Welcome to the Baker Fitness Room Web Page


Welcome to the Baker High School Fitness/Weight Room web page:

Welcome to the Baker High Fitness Room Web Page:

  • The room is open Monday - Friday from 2:45 - 5:00 when school is in session

  • Students need to have proper PE attire in order to use the room

  • The room is closed to Durgee + Ray students unless they are on a Junior Varsity or Varsity team

  • The room is open to Baker students at 2:45

  • Baker students seeking to make up a PE class need to notify the room supervisor upon arriving at the fitness room. 

Have a fantastic year and STAY STRONG!!

Congratulations to Morgan Duger on joining the ranks of the "Really Strong Club" on 11/20/2017. Morgan bench pressed 135 lbs, squatted 245 lbs. and deadlifted 301 lbs. for a total of 681 lbs. GREAT JOB MORGAN! pic coming soon
2016 1000 lb. and Really Strong Club June Inductees!!

Left to Right: Joe Lalla - Jack Buis - Steve Banuski - Mike Spicer - Gabe Horan - EJ Edmunds - Kylan Benoit
Missing - Nick Cacciola - Jeremy Carbillido - Jake Wicks
Weight Meet 3/4/16 -  Hannibal High Bench/Deadlift Meet!

Nick Cacciola                                             The Bees                                                   Jack Buis

Emma Bernet                                    Ben Iven                                                    Anna Capria    

Allie Hotchkiss (L) -2nd Place, Emma Bernett, Anna Capria (R) 3rd Place.                                                     Allie Hotchkiss                                                 
Results from the meet:
Lady Bees - 1st Place Team
Allie Hotchkiss - 2nd Place - Bench 85, Deadlift 230
Anna Capria - 3rd Place - Bench 85, Deadlift 260
Emma Bernet - Bench 90, Deadlift 265
Jack Buis - Bench 200, Deadlift 365
Nick Cacciola - Bench 250, Deadlift 440
Ben Iven - Bench 225, Deadlift 275

Congratulations to 
inducted into the 

Anna qualified with lifts of B-95, S-245, DL-221 - Total of 561

The 2014-15 school year was another Great Year for attendance for the fitness room, total visitations were 17,746.  

Congratulations to COLE BURCHILL - the ONLY 5X Member of the 1000lb. Club 

The 2015 1000 POUND CLUB members
Front Row (L-R): Noah Ricks, Brandon Schmid
Back Row (L-R): Marl Lannier, "Magic" Mike Spicer, Future Cross Fit star Ethan Plouffe, Danny Bridge
Not pictured - Cole Burchill (see above)


Coach Bick's Really Strong Club 
Do you have what it takes to earn the coveted t-shirt?


Men: Become a member of the 1,000 pound club (combined total of 1RM for bench, squat + deadlift) or meet the following percentages for bench (150% of body weight), Squat + Deadlift (200% of body weight).

Women: Become a member of the 550 pound club (combined total of 1RM for bench, squat and deadlift)
or meet the following percentages for bench (100% of body weight), Squat + Deadlift (150% of body weight).


Congratulations to Dan Vivas, 2015/2016 Mr. 10,000

Congratulations to Ryan Fowler, 2014/2015's Mr. 10,000


Who will be the 10,000th participant during the 2016-2017 school year
at the Baker High Fitness Room!
Stay tuned to find out!

The Baker High fitness room is open Monday - Friday from 2:45 - 5:00 on days when school is in session.

Reminder to staff: You must turn facilities usage paperwork to the Business Office at the DO annually.

Any questions regarding the Baker High Fitness Room's after school program may be directed to


Last updated on 11/21/2017
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