Current Skill & Strategy

*** Read Cover Remember Retell ***
Before reading, students examine the text features (title, heading, pictures, captions) to generate 4 questions.
During reading students read the text, cover the text to remember what they've read and then retell what they remember to another student.  IF needed, they continue the process until they've accuaretely retold the text.
After reading students attempt to answer the questions generated in the beginning.

November 2016
Students practiced various reading comprehension strategies to increase their awareness of how well they focus, think and recall text.

October 2016
Students practiced strategies to assist them in better answer comprehension questions.

September 2016:
The first week of school brings a chance to learn about learning styles, preferences, and the students themselves!   To learn more about Mrs. Kissock and Mrs. Morrison, and see an example of the kinds of learning we'll do in RTI Literacy, watch this Video Sribe.

Last updated on 11/28/2017