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Ray Music Department


Welcome to the webpage for the Ray Music Department!

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Music Faculty:
Mrs. Jennifer Bearup-6th and 7th grade orchestra and lessons
Mr. Justin Ezzo-6th and 7th grade band lessons
Mrs. Terry Gerber-6 and 7th grade general music and 6th grade chorus
Mrs. Laurie Raschella-6th and 7th grade band and lessons
Mr. Steven Uhl-7th grade chorus and general music



Orchestra meets every "A" day. 6th graders have orchestra period 8/9. 7th graders have orchestra period 10. We will meet on the first day of school to talk about the orchestra, and you will need your instruments for FRIDAY for our first time playing together. Group lessons will start the second week of classes. I will give you a schedule and explain how it works so you will know when to come. All students are expected to attend 1 group lesson each week (just like elementary school!) to be a member of the orchestra! The Bee Sharps are a group of students chosen by audition to perform rock and jazz music at concerts and out in our community! 


Supplies:  All Ray 6th and 7th grade violin and viola students need a solid shoulder rest for this year. Say goodbye to your old sponge rests! I recommend a Kun, Resonans, or my new favorite--the Wolf. Feel free to browse the Shar and Southwest Strings links on this web page. For the winter months, I also recommend a dampit humidifier to place inside your instrument to prevent cracking. A metronome to keep a steady beat while practicing is always a good idea, and considering all the work we have been doing on tuning our own instruments in lessons, a tuner or pitch pipe would also be a good investment.

Necessary Books! Grade 6: Essential Elements book 2, Solo Time for Strings book 2, and Essentials for Strings by Gerald Anderson Grade 7: Solo Time book 2 or 3 depending on your group,  Essential Technique for Strings-Intermediate studies (green cover--NOT the 2000 version), and your books from last year.

Concert Dress Attire:

Ray Students

Girls: White top, long black skirt or pants, black dress shoes

Boys: White top, black pants, black dress shoes












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