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C.W. Baker High School Yearbook Lyre 2018

Seniors and Parents & Guardians,camera clip art

Class of 2019: It’s time for senior portraits! In order to guarantee that your child’s senior portrait appears in our color senior section of the yearbook, please start booking portrait appointments immediately. Getting the picture to us by the deadline of October 26, 2018 is your responsibility. After this date, we cannot guarantee your child’s picture will appear in the senior section. You are not required to use any specific photographer. When having photo taken, please pay close attention to the requirements. Check that your photographer has or will send the picture directly to the Baker yearbook staff. Please follow the guidelines below.

Specifications for the 2019 LYRE Senior Portrait Section
**Provide this list to the photographer**
  1. Size/Print format: File size at least 300 dpi, with a max of 8 megabites. High resolution jpeg or tiff format

  2. Poses: Senior only: No props, pets, friends, etc

  3. Background: Studio backgrounds can be traditional blue/gray or outdoor photographs can have trees or shrubs in the background

  4. Deadline: Must be received by October 26, 2018

  5. Email: to

Please note: 
  • Your photographer may offer a variety of poses and/or changes of clothes - these photographs are taken for personal reasons only and are not required or accepted into the yearbook. Only traditional photographs as described above will be used in the yearbook.
  • All students who do not submit a senior portrait or who do not submit a photograph that does not meet the specifications listed above will default to their student ID card photograph for their senior portrait in the yearbook.
  •  All students enrolled at Baker as of December 1, 2018 who have either submitted a senior portrait or had a photo taken on picture day will be included in the yearbook.
  • If we do not receive a senior portrait, we will use the picture taken on picture day at beginning of the school year.
  • Please only submit pictures by email, with your child’s name. Hard copies of images will not be accepted
  • While we will accept outdoor photos and those with alternate backgrounds, we reserve the right to crop the photo so that the student's head and shoulders are the focus of the picture so that the picture will fit properly in the image placeholder.
  • Only the senior should be in the picture- no pets, friends, props, etc.

Senior Candids

The following senior photos are due December 20, 2018 to be included in the 2018 yearbook. Submit photos using this link.

Baby photo: ONE Picture of a senior as a baby.
Now and Then photos: TWO photos: one of you and your friends as kids and one of you and your friends now. You might want to recreate the same photo in your “now” picture.
All in the Family photo: ONE group shot of you and any family members who attend or work at Baker High School.
Best Friends photo: ONE group photo of you and your best friends.
Last First Day: ONE photo of you or you and your friends from the first day of senior year

  • Please make sure that you label all of the above-listed photos with the names of everyone in the photo.
  • No hard copies of pictures. Scan and email the photos using the link
  • At least one member of any of the above-listed photos needs to be a senior.
  • Pictures are due December 20, 2018. 


The Order Early price until October 19, 2018 is $65 plus tax. Then October 20, 2018 - December 22, 2018 is $70

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