Elementary Cross Country Results

The District held its elementary school cross country meet on November 2. Over 260 fourth- and fifth-graders competed in the meet. Congratulations to the following team champions:
*4th Grade Girls – McNamara Elementary School
*4th Grade Boys – McNamara Elementary School
*5th Grade Girls – Elden Elementary School
*5th Grade Boys – McNamara Elementary School
Congratulations to the following top three finishers in each grade level in the cross country meet:
*4th Grade Girls – 1. Adelyn Ameigh-Cogge, Van Buren; 2. Shannon Henery, McNamara; and 3. Alex Little, McNamara
*4th Grade Boys – 1. Brady Garcia, McNamara; 2. Matt Young, McNamara; and 3. London Premo, Van Buren
*5th Grade Girls – 1. Brianna Peters, Elden; 2. Lauren LeTourneau, Palmer; and 3. Sierra Natoli, Van Buren
*5th Grade Boys – 1. Sam Ciappa, McNamara; 2. Christian Balistrer, McNamara; and 3. Jonathan Patruno, Van Buren

For all results, go to: 

Boys: http://www.leonetiming.com/2016/XC/BvilleElementaryBoys.htm
Last updated on 11/3/2016