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Fran├žais I et Fran├žais II

*Français I-project Le Calendrier due Friday Dec. 1

*Students should sign up for Google Classroom to get specific information and reminders about French I and French II.  Google classroom codes are available in the French classrooms.

*Does spelling count?
  The answer to this question is two part...1-It depends on how close you are.  If I am a French-speaking person who speaks no English, would I understand the
   information you are trying to communicate? and  2-Does your spelling error change the meaning of the word? 

*In SchoolTool what is indicated by an 'A', an 'R', or a blank space?
   If there is an "A" for an assignment in SchoolTool this indicates that you were absent when the work was assigned or when the assignment was checked or
   collected.  There is no credit given for this assignment until it is made up and turned in.  This means that it is affecting your grade the way a '0" would until the
   assignment is made up.  These assignments must be made up according to the late policy.  

   If there is a blank space in SchoolTool this indicates that this assignment has not yet received a grade.  This is not calculated in SchoolTool as a 0, it is not being
   included in your grade in SchoolTool yet.  

   If there is an "R" for an assignment in SchoolTool this means that the assignment has been handed in but is being returned to be redone. This could mean that the
   assignment was incomplete or was not done correctly.  You will see a grade next to the "R" indicating the grade the assignment receives as it was handed in.  That
   will remain the grade unless the assignment is completed or corrected and turned back in.

*Can I go to my locker to get...?
   If you ask before the bell rings, I am very likely to say yes.  However, if you ask this question after the bell has rung then the answer is 'no'.  Class time is too
   valuable for you to miss it by being at your locker.  This means that if you forget your homework in your locker and you don't ask if you can go 
   get it until after the bell rings you will not be allowed to get it and it will be considered late. Come to class on time and prepared to learn.

*Can I hand this in late?
   Of course!  Learning a language takes a lot of practice.  The work we do is designed to give you the practice you need to learn how to communicate using the
   targeted vocabulary or skill.  If you forget to do homework or didn't finish something by the given due date it is still a good idea to complete the assignment in order
   to practice that vocabulary or skill.  However if an assignment is late it will not receive full credit.  It will be graded according to the late policy. 

Ressources dictionary looking up words and phrases French-English or English-French newspaper for information in French about what is going on in France and around the world World Factbook for information about countries all over the world to help practice the language. Vocab-make flashcards or use pre-existing flashcards to practice vocab.; play games to practice vocab
                            and/or grammar with French vocabulary and grammar
Last updated on 11/27/2017
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