Auditorium Reno On Schedule for Summer Completion

Baker auditorium renovation - stageThe much-anticipated reopening of the Baker High School auditorium will soon be a reality.
The auditorium has been closed this school year for demolition and construction. According to James Rodems, Assistant Superintendent for Management Services, work is progressing as planned and renovations should be completed this summer, making the auditorium available for staff and student use by the start of the 2017-2018 school year in September.
The District is planning a grand reopening celebration for the auditorium, to be held in the fall. This will be a community event, much like the reopening of Pelcher-Arcaro Stadium was in September 2016. When a date has been established for the grand reopening, the District will notify the community. Stay tuned!

The District and Board of Education would like to thank all students, staff, and the entire community for their patience and flexibility while the auditorium is transformed into a state of the art performance center.  The auditorium renovation is part of the District’s 2014 capital project that the community approved in February 2014.

For more information on the status of the auditorium as well as other pieces of the 2014 capital project, READ MORE.
Baker auditorium renovation - stage Baker High School auditorium - catwalk Baker High School auditorium lobby view Baker High School auditorium
Last updated on 4/24/2017