Ms. Fox's Intro. to Statistics Page

Supplies:  A TI-84+ graphing calcuator is required for this course.  A TI-83+ calculator will work, but the TI84+ has a few extra functions that make it a better fit for this class.  I would suggest shopping online ahead of time, and watch the store sdvertisements.  A price inthe $80 range is a a good price.  Don't be afraid to purchase a used calculator.  They generally don't get viruses and are ususally hold up pretty well ofter years of use.  Also, the school has a loaner program in which students can sign-out a calculator for the year at no cost unless the calculator gets lost or damaged.  See your teacher during the first week of school in order to obtain a sign-out sheet.
Student will also need a 1" or 1-1/2" three ring binder with looseleaf and graph paper.
2017-2018 Syllabus/Welcome Letter
090617 First Day Info
090717 Data
090817 The W's
091117 Chapter 1 Notes Summary
091217 Ch.1 Notes PPT
091517 Quiz Results and Cell Article
091817 Start Ch.2 - Review Percents
091917 Categorical Data and Frequency
092017 Contingency Tables
092117 Conditional and Marginal Distributions
092217 More Conditional Distributions
092517 More Conditional Distruibutions
092617 Homework Answers Only (Quiz Day)
092717 Associated vs. Independent
092817 More 2 Way Tables and Independence
092917 End of Unit Summary
100217 Review Keys for Test Tomorrow
100417 Start Ch.3 Histograms Part 1
100517 Histograms Part 2
101017 Shape
101117 Shape and Spread
101217 Spread
101817 Start Boxplots
101917 More Boxplots and 5 Number Summary
102017 Measures of Center
102317 Standard Deviation
102417 Quiz Day
102517 Tell Part of Summary
102617 Homework Answers only (Started Activity)
110117 Review Answers (Test Tomorrow)
103017 Review of Writing Summaries
110617 Frequency Histograms and Cumulative Frequency Graphs
110717 Start Ch.4 Reviewed Fences
110817 Shifting and Re-Scaling Histograms
110917 Homework Answers only
111317 Summary of Unit 4
111517 More on Insurance Project
111617 Review for Test Tomorrow
112117 Start Ch.5
112717 Normal Curve
112817 Z-Score
112917 More Z-Score
113017 Zscores Using the Table
120117 Calculator with Zscores (normalcdf)
120417 More with Z-Scores
120517 Using Z-scores to Compare Data on Different Scales
120617 Inverse Norm (Percent to Z-score)
120717 Start Ch.5 Project
120817 Quiz (Homework Answers only)
121517 Reviewed Quiz and Start Z-Scores Practice
121817 More Z-Score Practice
121917 Last Day of Z-scores
122017 Review for Test Tomorrow
010218 Start Ch.6 Correlation
010318 Correlation
010418 Correlation Activity
011018 Chapter Summary
011118 Review for Test Tomorrow
011618 Start Ch. 7 - Review y=mx+b
011718 Start Linear Regressions
011818 More Intro to Linear Regressions
011918 Calculating a Linear Model
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