High School Announces Baker's Dozen

Baker High School has announced the 2018 Baker's Dozen, the seniors that have been officially ranked with the highest GPAs in their class. Congratulations to the following students:
1. Benjamin Dwyer
2. Matthew King
3. Amanda Strenk
4. Madeline Gaus
5. Benjamin Iven
6. Laura Adams
7. Alina Minkova
8. Zachary Hahn
9. Alec Williams
10. Sydney Tse
11. Alexis Huff
12. Lauren Brushingham
13. Makayla Spicer
Baker's Dozen: (back, l to r) Zachary Hahn, Matthew King, Benjamin Dwyer, Benjamin Iven, Amanda Strenk, Lauren Brushingham, Makayla Spicer, Alina Minkova, (front, l to r) Sydney Tse, Alexis Huff, Laura Adams, Madeline Gaus, and Alec Williams.
Last updated on 10/5/2017