Durgee Jr. High to Present Disney's Little Mermaid, Jr.

Durgee Junior High School  will present Disney’s Little Mermaid, Jr. on November 17 & 18 at 7:00 p.m. at the Baker High School auditorium. Tickets are $8, $10, and $12. Senior citizen tickets are $8. Tickets can be reserved by calling the box office at 315-638-6039.
The musical tells the classic story of a mermaid, Ariel and her deal with the evil sea witch Ursula in order to be human for three days. Ursula, however, has other plans for her.

The cast is as follows:
Ariel:                                       Amarayah Efsits
Prince Eric:                             David Hoy
Ursula:                                    Maria DeCaro
Sebastian:                               Sofia D’Andreano
Flounder:                                Sydney Hall
Scuttle:                                   Evan Burmeister
Grimsby:                                 Maria Santana
Chef Louis:                             Ella Smith
Flotsam:                                  Aubrey Hemund
Jetsam:                                   Madison McLaury
Carlotta:                                  Mary Kuhlmann
Seahorse:                               Julia Fichera
Pitol:                                       Kathryn Mitts
Gull 1:                                     Ella Smith
Gull 2:                                     Emily Araugo
Gull 3:                                     Mary Kuhlmann
Aquata/Princess 1:                 Mary Louisa Diamond
Andrina/Princess 2:                Molly Glowacki
Arista/Princess 3:                   Allison Hay
Atina/Princess 4:                    Gabrielle Butchko
Adella/Princess 5:                   Laila Crysler
Allana/Princess 6:                   Leigh Zacchia
Chef 1:                                    Emily Araugo
Chef 2:                                    Joslyn Thomas
Chef 3:                                    Taite Archer
Chef 4:                                    Edan Yager
Chef 5:                                    Catharina Rice
Chef 6:                                    Maria Barella
Chef 7:                                    Julia Fichera
Chef 8:                                    Emaline Hanour
Sailor:                                     Emaline Hanour
Sailor:                                     Maria Santana
Sailor:                                     McKenzie Czyz
Sea Chorus/Lagoon Creatures: Emily Araugo, Taite Archer, Maria Barella, Morgan Coffey, Kaitlyn Coomes, McKenzie Czyz, Katlyn Davis, Julia Fichera, Emaline Hanour, Mary Kuhlmann, Kathryn Mitts, Catharina Rice, Maria Santana, Ella Smith, Destiny Stott, Joslyn Thomas and Edan Yager
Producation Staff:
Director/Music Director- Colin Keating
Choreographer- Gwen Mercer
Set Construction- Steve Young
Student Director- Vanessa Vacanti
Student Choreographer- Haley Young
Production Assistant- Gillian Coffey
Stage Managers- Dominic DiCaprio and Ava Shore
Last updated on 10/25/2017