Flash Fiction

Baker High School held its annual Flash Fiction Contest with teacher Cheryl Meaney's Creative Writing Fiction classes.The school holds an internal contest and one in conjunction with SUNY Oswego's Honors Interpretation of Literature students. Following are the winners of each contest: 

SUNY Oswego Contest
1st Place: Vanessa Vacanti - "Look At Me"
2nd Place: Conor McManus - "To Kill a Robin"
3rd Place: Liz Erich - "The Colors of Life"

Baker Contest: 
1st Place: Vanessa Vacanti - "Dismissed"
2nd Place: Rachel Blake - "Other"
3rd Place:
Marisa Barnard - "Cold"
Rachel Blake - "Dark Heart"
Kellen Albrecht - "Fashion Week"
Conor McManus - "To Kill a Robin"
Last updated on 11/13/2017