The holiday season is upon us!  As we strive to continue to focus on #OtherPeopleMatter this school year, we are starting our first Hashtag Campaign with a focus on Gratitude!  We will be running the campaign from November 17th until December 15th.  This is a great way to showcase the strengths of the Palmer community and all that we have learned through the Positivity Project!

Your Task:
  • Over the course of the next month your family is encouraged to show #OtherPeopleMatter.  This can be in your home (ex: helping put the dishes away after dinner, cleaning up without asking, reading a book to a younger sibling, etc.) or in the community (ex: donating to the Rescue Mission, helping at the Samaritan Center, raking a neighbor's leaves, etc.).
  • Document the act by taking a picture!  Post the picture on Twitter or the Palmer Facebook page with the hashtag #PalmerGivesBack. You can also email your picture to your child’s teacher for us to post for you!
    • We will be displaying all of the pictures of the acts of kindness and gratitude during our closing assembly in December.
  • Don’t stop at just one act of #PalmerGivesBack!  Continue to participate and document all big and small acts throughout the course of the month.  Every act counts!
“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” - William Arthur Ward
Last updated on 11/20/2017