Baker Key Club Wins Grant for Food Pantry

Congratulations to the Baker High School Key Club, a winner in the 2017 HALO Movement contest, sponsored by Key Club International and Nickelodeon! Ryan Micho, a member of the Baker Key Club, entered Baker in the contest to win a grant so that the school can create a food pantry for its students.

The Bee Full pantry will enable the school to provide 50 students with groceries each weekend to supplement their household meals so that students have enough to eat before returning to school on Mondays. Many students get two meals a day at school but on weekends have no food, or not enough food, to feed them over the weekend. The Key Club will begin making plans for the Bee Full pantry after the holiday break.

Thank you to everyone who voted for Baker in the online contest to win the grant.
Last updated on 12/19/2017