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Important Information for the 2018-19 School Year

Before school begins in September, the district would like to remind parents of important  information to keep in mind. 
  • Class Lists & Schedules
The 2018-2019 class lists and schedules for grades K-12 will be available in the portal beginning Friday, August 24. With the exception of Baker High School and Ray Middle School, schools have posted their school supplies lists on their web pages. If you are a Baker or Ray student, we encourage you to take advantage of the summer sales for common school supplies such as paper, notebooks, folders, binder, pens and pencils. Baker and Ray teachers will provide a list of necessary supplies specific to their subjects when the school year begins.

Following are links to each school's supply list:
Durgee School Supply List
Elden School Supply List
McNamara School Supply List
Palmer School Supply List
Reynolds School Supply List
Van Buren School Supply List
  • 2018-2019 Bus Routes
The district will no longer be mailing out post cards with bus route information. We expect to have bus route information in the parent portal as of August 27, 2018. The district will also be emailing parents the bus information. If your email address changes over the summer, please be sure to change it with your school so that you receive the bus information. The district is also in the process of developing a phone app that will provide parents with bus route information. Once the app is available, all parents will be sent an email explaining the phone app.
  • Requests for Bus Transportation for Daycare/Sitter – Deadline August 24
The district establishes bus routes for the new school year over the summer months. Due to safety issues, no changes to day care stops or bus stops for the newly established routes will be considered from Monday, August 27 to Friday, September 14. Requests for bus transportation for daycare/sitter must be received at the transportation department no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, August 24 in order for your child to have transportation on the first day of school. Daycare/sitter request forms received after 5:00 p.m. on August 24 will not be processed to take effect until Monday, September 17.
You must submit a request form for daycare/sitter transportation EVERY YEAR, even if your daycare/sitter is the same as the previous year.      
You can download a request for transportation form HERE.
If you have any questions, please contact Transportation at (315)638-6097.
  • Important Health Information
New York State has made changes to its school health exam schedule as well as requirements for the meningococcal vaccine, effective July 1, 2018. 

Beginning July 1, 2018, all New York State public school students must have a health exam when they enter school as a new entrant and in Pre-K or Kindergarten and grades 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11. While we request that new examinations be completed on the the new  NYSED Student Health Examination Form for Schools, for this school year only,  the physical may be submitted on any form that your provider's office uses. Please send the completed exam form that your provider uses to your school nurse before the first day of the new school year. 

Regarding the new exam form, use of the NYSED Student Health Examination form will be required for the 2019-2010 school year. You can download the new form by clicking HERE.
Required Meningococcal Vaccine
All students entering 7th, 8th and 9th grade must have the meningococcal vaccine. Students entering 12th grade must have had two doses of the vaccine or, if one dose was administered after your child turned 16 years old, your child only needs one dose.
The district is mandated to exclude students that do not meet this requirement. Meningococcal meningitis is a serious disease that can lead to death within hours. Survivors may be left with serious disabilities, including loss of limbs and paralysis. Please speak with your doctor regarding the vaccine. Even children who have had a shot before may need a booster. More information can be found at
For more information on required physicals and immunizations your child may need for the 2018-2019 school year, visit the nurses’ page HERE.

Last updated on 7/13/2018
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