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Regents Earth Science Homework/Assignments (4/16 - 4/20):

Topics to be Covered:
- Plate Tectonics, Earth's Plates, Boundaries, and Hotspots
- Work on the Take-home Test this week- due on Friday (4/20)
- Begin Astronomy
- Apparent Motion of the Sun and Stars, Angle of Insolation, and the Seasons

* Turn in the Continental Drift/Pangea Lab by Monday (4/16).

* Student Glossary Vocab. HW (the terms are Convergent Boundary, Divergent Boundary, Transform Boundary, and Mid-Ocean Ridge) is due by Thursday (4/19). 

* Earthquakes, Earth's Structure, and Plate Tectonics Take-home Test will be handed out on Monday (4/16) and is due on Friday (4/20): it will cover locating an earthquake epicenter, properties of earthquakes and seismic waves, characteristics of the Earth's crust and interior (using pg. 10 of your ESRT), evidence supporting continental drift theory, characteristics of plate boundaries (convergent, divergent, and transform), gathering info. from the Earth's Plates map on pg. 5 of your ESRT, and the cause and effect of hotspots.

* Practice Regents Exam Questions will be due on Monday, April 30th, when we return from spring break.  

After School Times: Thursday (4/19)



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Last updated on 4/15/2018
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