Regents Earth Science Homework/Assignments (1/8-1/12):

Topics to be Covered:
- Terrestrial Navigation using Polaris (the North Star)
- Star Trails
- Drawing Contour Lines and Identifying Land Features and Landscapes on Topographic Maps

- Calculating Gradient (Slope) using Topographic Maps
- Constructing Topographic Profiles

* Complete the Polaris Article Questions posted in Google Classroom by Friday, January 5th.  Monday, January 8th.

* Complete the Record Cold used to Refute Climate Change article questions posted in Google Classroom by Monday, January 8th Tuesday, January 9th.

* Mt. St. Helens Lab is due by Thursday (1/11)

* Climate Test Corrections and Re-takes are due no later than Friday, January 12th.

* Mapping Quiz on Wednesday (1/10)- the quiz will cover plotting and determining latitude and longitude coordinates on a map, figuring out time of day based on changes in longitude, how the altitude of Polaris (the North Star) can be used to determine your latitude, and how star trails provide evidence of Earth's rotation.   


After School Times: Thursday (1/11)



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