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McNamara Elementary 
Main Office

Phone: 315-638-6130
Fax: 315-638-5049
Health Office: 638-6132

Mrs. Szakaly- Building Secretary
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Mrs. Foley- Teacher Aide
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Arriving at school
Birthday Lunch
Picking up children before the end
of the school day
Picking up children without a pink note
Details on electronic devices

Arriving at school
The school day begins at 8:35 AM.  Please do not leave your children at school before 8:35 AM.  Students are not allowed to enter the building prior to 8:35.  Please keep in mind there is not supervision available before the school day begins. 
Birthday Lunch
I would like to, again this year, extend an open invitation for parents/guardians only, to join your child/children for lunch on their birthday or during the week of their birthday.  If you need an alternative, please let us know.  This program was a huge hit with students and parents, and I would like to continue this year.  To help us manage this program, I need your cooperation in honoring the following request.  If your child has a birthday during vacation, you are invited to join them the week before or after.  Those children who have summer birthdays, parents can join them on their half birthday.  Birthday lunch is not intended to replace classroom or family celebrations.
Please purchase your lunch at school or bring a lunch from home.  This request is consistent with the current policy, which discourages fast food or commercial take out.

Stop in the main office to sign in, put on a visitor’s tag and sign out in the Main Office before you leave. Meet your child by the cafeteria and say your goodbyes in the cafeteria at the end of lunch.  Please do not use this opportunity to speak to the classroom teacher.  Even short visits distract the teacher from attending to their class.  This will minimize disruption of class routine.

Due to the limited space and children’s safety, only parents and guardians are invited for birthday lunches.  No other siblings or other relatives are to attend.  This will be strictly enforced.

Due to the many food allergies, birthday treats can only be given out by the classroom teacher.  You may leave any treat with the office staff, and they will see that the classroom teacher receives it. Classroom birthday visits are arranged through the classroom teacher.

See student handbook for a lunch schedule.

Picking Up Children at the End of the School Day
Students being picked up from school for early dismissal should bring in a Pink Note informing the teacher of the approximate pick-up time. When you arrive, the student will be called to the office.

Picking Up Children without a Pink Note
Children in grades 4 and 5 will be involved in an activity period from 2:45 to 3:15.  Most students will be out of the classrooms at that time.  They will be outside on the playground, in band, orchestra or chorus rooms, in reading rooms, Kids Club and, on Tuesdays, out of the building for Religious Instruction.
For this reason, we can not guarantee that request for pickups called in after 2:30 PM can be relayed to students, as children go directly to the bus from some activities.  To avoid sending children to home situations that are not supervised, we ask that a note informing office staff of intent to pick students up be sent in with children.