For practice with German 1,2,3,4 & 5 go to Welcome to this German web page!  Guten Tag!  Willkommen! 

German is very interesting to speak, and is also quite beneficial in helping us learn our own English language better.  English and German are both Germanic languages, so there are many similarities.  You can already understand many German words, such as Arm, Finger, Hand, Haus, Maus, Gras, Glas, braun, Haar, bring.

German is required or recommended for many programs, among which are business, engineering, art history, international relations, politics, history, science, and music.

**Now have fun with German!**

School Supplies: a 3-ring binder is needed to keep German instructional papers organized.
A German dictionary would be helpful. For the official spelling, "Fluss" is spelled with "ss" and "Fuß" with "ß".

To learn German, go to these sites:

Assignments and Tests:
Last updated on 6/15/2015