Reynolds Elementary ~ Main Office

Mrs. Tina Abraham
School Secretary
Mrs. Lisa Breigle
Teacher Aide

(315) 638-6124
Main Office Hours: 8:30am - 4:00pm


Please keep in mind that we make every attempt to keep a secure building. All visitors, including parents, should go directly to the main office to sign in with the reason for your visit. This request is made to assist you, prevent the interruption of classes, and to monitor everyone who is entering the building. If you are picking up your child, we will call the classroom to request that your child be sent to the office to meet you. If it is during recess, we will page the classroom teacher on the playground. Parents and visitors are not permitted to walk the halls, go to any classroom, the cafeteria, or playground without a visitor pass. This includes arrival times in the morning, too.

Thank you for your cooperation for the safety of our children.


New York State Law requires School Boards to adopt a policy implementing procedures to notify parents if their child is absent from school and the parent has not notified the school. In order to minimize interruptions and inconvenience to you, we request that you call the school in advance to let the office know that your child will be absent or late, and for what reason.

On the day of your child's absence/tardiness you will need to call the Reynolds Main Office, (315) 638-6124, and leave a message indicating: your child's name, teacher, date of absence/tardiness, and the reason. This can be done 24 hours a day / 7 days a week by using the school's voicemail system.

Please come to the main office if you are signing out a student who is ill or has an appointment outside of school. The nurse's office is located in the main office.



Students and parents are not to enter the building prior to 8:35am, as supervision is unavailable. Arrival after 8:55am will be considered tardy. Any student arriving after this time will need to be signed in at the main office and given a late pass.

The elementary hours for the district are as follows:
  • Students Arrive: 8:35am
  • Announcements: 8:50am
  • Instruction Begins: 8:55am


Student safety is the reason we have created the dismissal process. While it is your right to be able to drop-off and pick-up your child from school, student safety is our number one priority. Though these procedures may be more time consuming for the parents involved, we believe that the extra time is needed to provide a secure and safe process. 

Dismissal of Students Being Picked-Up
Following the dismissal of walkers and YMCA, students being picked-up in grades K-2 will be called to the cafeteria. Then, grades 3-5 will be called to the cafeteria. Staff will match student-to-parent/guardian. We must be sure we match each student with a parent/guardian and not have students just enter the cafeteria and find an adult. It is our responsibility to guarantee only authorized adults are picking up students.

Bus Dismissal
After the students being picked-up are dismissed, we will dimiss the remaining students by bus number.

To alleviate congestion at dismissal, you are encourged to allow your child to ride the bus home whenever possible. 


The YMCA has a School Age Childcare program available before and after school on-site at Reynolds Elementary. This is NOT a school program, but a YMCA program. For further information, please contact the YMCA at (315) 303-5966.

Last updated on 1/6/2018