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20 Ford Street
Baldwinsville, NY 13027
Danielle Nahorney - Principal
Main Office (315) 638-6121
Health Office (315) 638-6123
Fax (315) 638-6170


Van Buren's 4th & 5th Grade Combined Chorus, under the direction of Mrs. Cindy Doback, presents "The North Pole Radio Hour" - 12/9/17



The Van Buren Cub Savers of Edge FCU.
In October, Edge FCU held a contest for 10 participating schools, throughout Baldwinsville, Liverpool & Phoenix to see which school would bring in the most deposits! It wasn’t about how much money was brought in, but more about getting into a habit of saving SOMETHING each week. Van Buren Elementary won the contest! We had 61 deposits during the month of October - amazing! Each week as students brought in their deposits a leaf was added to the Savings Challenge Tree for each deposit made. Van Buren’s tree had the most leaves out of all 10 schools! Edge FCU is holding a different kind of contest for the month of December – a coloring contest!




First Day of School 2017





























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