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29 East Oneida Street
Baldwinsville, NY   13027
Entire Staff Directory

(Area Code 315)

Superintendent's Office


Matthew McDonald, Superintendent of Schools (315)638-6043
Lynn Voutsinas, Secretary (315)638-6043
Business Office


James Rodems, Ass't. Superintendent for Management Services  (315)638-6055
Karen Anders, Secretary (315)638-6055
Timothy Lynch, Treasurer (315)638-6057
TBD, School Purchasing Officer  (315)638-6060
Liane Marks, Accounts Payable Clerk (315)638-6058
Elaine Woolridge, Accounts Payable Clerk (315)638-6059
Wendy Conway, Payroll (315)635-4537
Gabrielle Gaspe, Payroll (315)638-6046
Human Resources FAX
Eric Wilson, Director of Staff Relations/School Attorney (315)638-6047
David Kilcourse, Director of Pupil and Personnel Services (315)638-6049
Carole Clark, Administrative Aide (315)638-6047
Beth Evanchak, Administrative Aide (315)638-6049
Karen DelPriore, Benefits (315)635-4545


Mary Moyer, District Data Manager (315)638-6050
Kristin Weaver, District Registrar (315)638-6044
Curriculum and Instruction


Joseph DeBarbieri, Deputy Superintendent (315)638-6044
Tony Cardamone, Director of Elementary K-6 Curriculum & Instruction (315)638-6068
Renee Burnett, Director, Secondary 7-12 Curriculum & Instruction (315)638-6065
Kristin Weaver, Administrative Aide (315)638-6044
Special Education


Rocco Nalli, Director of Special Education (315)635-4570
Karrie LaMacchia, Assistant Director of Special Education (315)635-4570
David Kilcourse, Director of Pupil Personnel Services (315)635-4500
Jacqueline Chiodo, Secretary (315)635-4500
Patricia Lewis, Secretary, Pre-School (315)638-6061
Jenna Wolken, District Psychologist (315)635-4572
Occupational/Physical Therapy (315) 635-4539
Melanie Houck, ESL Teacher (315)439-6049
Karen DelPriore, Medicaid (315)635-4545
District Technology (Ray Middle School)
Richard J. DeLisle, Director of Technology
Linda Moehringer, Data Center Help Desk Operator
John Cerio, Network Administrator
Mike Lasinski, LAN Technician
Jim Froio, LAN Technician
Natalie Greaney, LAN Technician
Tina McCarthy, LAN Technician
Eric Ziegler, K-12 Integration Specialist  
Athletics  (Baker High School)


Christopher Campolieta, Director of Athletics  (315)638-6053
Heather Hayes, Secretary (315)638-6053
Colleen Case, Athletic Program Coordinator (315)638-6053
Imaging Center (Baker High School)
District Printer (315)638-6038
District Mail
Don Voutsinas, Driver/Messenger (315)638-6055
Facilities (Bus Garage) FAX
Steven Rosenberger, Director of Facilities (315)638-6100
Tammi Corrente, Secretary (315)638-6100
Mike Burlingame, Custodial Supervisor (315)638-6100
Transportation (Bus Garage)


Dana Nelson, Assistant Transportation Supervisor (315)638-6097
Leigh Briggs, Secretary (315)638-6097
Linda Virginia, Dispatcher (315)638-6097
Lori Hotaling, Dispatcher (315)638-6097
John Halstead, Dispatcher (315)638-6097
Lori Forbes, Secretary (315)638-6097
Anne Allen, Secretary (315)638-6097
Mechanics, (315)638-6099  
Food Service Office


Brian Wright, Food Service Director  (315)638-6063
Lisa Carapella, Secretary/Accounts Payable Clerk (315)638-6064


Kelly Cary, School Information Officer  (315)638-6180


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