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Student Showcase

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 Student Showcase  

Mrs. Stewart's 9th grade Global Studies spent two weeks creating digital stories about Chinese Dynasties. These are some of our favorite projects.

Qin Dynasty - By Marissa and Mikayla
Shang Dynasty - By Meghan and Rebecca
Yuan Dynasty - By Joe and Justin
Song Dynasty - By Brittany and JAckie
Ming Dynasty - By Amanda and Zanae
Han Dynasty - By Cassidy and Cassidy

Ms. Hinman's 8th grade health classes recently created PSAs about sexting.
Think Before you Click, By Cierra and Krysten

Mr. Donahue's 8th grade science classes recently created commericals to sell an 
element in an "Apprentice-like" format. Below are some of our favorites.

Insane Thorium Presentation, By Jake

Cobaltinium, By Jenna

Argon, By Jordan

Chlorine Inc., By Dylan & Weston

Uranium, By Della

Potassium, By Dan & Pat

     Selected Documents - Elements Project

 Project Lesson Plan - Day 1 & 2  Lesson Plans for research days
 Presearch Journal  Completed during 1st research day
 Graphic Organizer  Completed during 2nd research day
 Advertising Techniques  Shared with students before they began building digital story
 Image Searching  Handout used to explain Copyright, Creative Commons & Fair Use
 Digital Storyboard  Students organize commerical and write narration using storyboard
 Post Project Survey  Completed by students at conclusion of the project

Mr. Morgan's 8th grade social studies classes recently created 
movies dealing with the second industrial revolution. Below are the
winning entries in our Student Film Festival. Click to view each movie.

  Labor Unions, By Jenny and Lonna

New Sources of Light and Power, By Kimmy and Emily

Advances in Communication, By Lydia and Peter

Labor Unions, By Josh

Rural Unrest, By AJ and Max

Mrs. Cesari's video podcast

Mrs. Jokajtys' 9th grade English Honors class recently completed digital stories about Shakespeare. The goal of the project was to create a movie the examined Shakespeare's portrayal of everyday life, including elements like government, marriage, religion and medicine, in his work. 

Elizabethan Philosopy, By Colin and Mike

Marriage, Customs and Life of Women
, By Colleen and Erika