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Durgee's Disgtinguished Reader Program provides:
* An opportunity to explore different genres
* A chance to grow as a reader
* A way to discover great new titles
* Possible extra-credit
* Public recognition for your efforts

If these sound like great benefits, you should totally check out the program. To participate, students must read a total of 8 books over the course of the school year, selecting 1 title from each of the 8 catagories. To view the booklist, click here: Distinguished Reader Book List.rtf. After finishing the book, you need to pass a quick quiz posted on Blackboard. It's that easy! 

To find out more, see Mrs. Cesari or your English teacher - they'll need to add you to Blackboard. 

Rationale: Our Distinguished Reader program is designed to hone valuable skills necessary for success on the 8th grade ELA exam. Quiz questions are modeled after exam questions and created to address the building's past deficiencies. In addition, the program seeks to encourage exploration of different genres.