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315-638-6159 - Email

The Attendance Office is located in The Main Office 

New York State law requires School Boards to adopt a policy implementing procedures to notify parents if their child is absent or tardy from school and the parent has not notified the school.  IF a parent has not called the

Attendance Office

at 315-638-6159 or Email

with their child's absence or tardiness in by
9:30 A.M.
the Connect Ed. System
will notify all emergency phone numbers in the system.  For early dismissal you will need to notify the 
ATTENDANCE Office at 315-638-6159 by 8:00 A.M.
Connect Ed. System will contact the emergency phone numbers in the system.  


Bus passes are issued for Shared Custodial Custody and
Emergency Purposes ONLY .  All request must be written by the Parent.  Please include a phone number to reach you during the day and a SPECIFIC Reason.  Bus notes need to be written by the "Sending Parent and the Receiving Parent"