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Study Skills – A Self Evaluation
·       I write my homework assignments in my agenda book for every class every day.
·       I have a specific time and a quiet place to study.
·       My notebooks are organized and neat. All notes are dated!!!
·       I review my class notes nightly.
·       While reading an assignment I also look over graphs, charts, and maps that may be included.
·       When I have a reading assignment I read it more than once to make sure that I fully understand the material.
·       I participate in class by answering questions and doing required activities.          
·       When I study I do things like re-write notes, memorize information, make up my own questions, or make flashcards.
·       Before I take a quiz or test I read the directions.
·       I would like to have better grades.
·       I will bring chocolate and various assorted snacks to my resource teacher daily (just checking to make sure that you read the entire list!)

·      Remember: Resource is not a study hall! 
It is a time to learn new strategies to make you more independent and successful!!  

To Prepare Well Is To Succeed-
                        Benjamin Franklin

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