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Baldwinsville, NY

Durgee Junior High
Kris Czerwiak- Durgee Band Director

        Students will continue learning how to play their instruments in an individual and group setting. Ensemble playing will continuously teach balance, blend, team work, and self-discipline. Lessons will increase students’ knowledge of their instrument and playing ability.
     50%- rehearsal participation
       40%- lessons
       10%- concerts

Final Exam 

        scales test (50%), playing final (50%)

Lessons that are missed need to be made up unless you missed the lesson due to an absence from school. Lessons can be made up during student lunches, study hall, or after school any day. Lessons made up the day they are missed will receive full credit (5 points), lessons made up after the day they are missed will receive partial credit (3 points). You may make up a lesson before it happens if you know you are unable to attend the scheduled lesson. You may not make up more than one lesson in one day.

Concerts are a final product of what your child has been accomplishing in class. Every student is important and expected to attend all concerts. Concerts are a part of the student's grade. If a student misses a concert there will be a 10 point deduction on that marking period for their grade. Exused absences from concerts are: absence from school the day of the concert, family emergency that arises. Please make all possible efforts to contact me saying your child will miss the concert if need be. Thank you for your understanding.

Please add the following concert dates to your calendar, please note that all concerts are held in the Baker Auditorium and begin at 7 pm:
                                                                                     November 6, 2018
                                                    January 17, 2019
                                                        March 13, 2019
                                                         March 27, 2019
                                                         June 5, 2019

*Concert Attire*
Gentlemen: black pants (no jeans), blackshirt (no t-shirts), tie (any color), black socks, black shoes (no sneakers)

black pants (no jeans), black top (no t-shirts), black socks, black shoes (no sneakers)