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Engage with 2.0 Resources
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 Web 2.0 Presentation
 Glogster Resources
 Creating A Glogster Account
 Adding Your Glog to Delicious
 Post Project Survey
 Lesson Plan for Career Poster Resources
 Student Example 1 - Biomedical Engineer
 Student Exmaple 2 - Chef
 Edu.Glogster Web Site
 Delicious Social Bookmarking Web Site
 Wiki Resources
 Durgee's Book Review Wiki Link
 Student Directions Bookmark - Adding a review to wiki
 Renaissance Jobs Wiki
 PBWorks Site
 Wikispaces Site
 Podcasting Resources
 Link to Podcasting Resources - Scroll down to Podcasting section
 Sexting PSA PowerPoint
 Sexting PSA Podcast Teacher Example
 Sexting PSA Podcast Student Example
 Sexting PSA Podcast Rubric
Digital Storytelling Resources
 Digital Storytelling PowerPoint (Slides 23 - 26)
 Digital Storytelling "Good" Example
 Digital Storytelling "Bad" Example
 Just the Facts Graphic Organizer (Research phase of project)
 Digital Storytelling Story Board
 Active Viewing Sheet (Students note taking sheet while watching peers' movies)
 Digital Storytelling Rubric
 Digital Storytelling Peer Evaluation Form
 Student Example 1 - Han Dynasty
 Student Example 2 - Labor Unions
 Student Example 3 - Potassium
 Student Example 4 - Escape Under the Forever Sky Book Trailer
Download PhotoStory 3
WikiMedia Commons
Google Sites
Student Example - Random Reviews Technology
Student Example - Wii
No Shhing Blog - Used as a summary activity after each web design lesson
PowerPoint - For entire HTML unit
HTML Worksheet Day 1
HTML Worksheet Day 2
Google Sites
 Most Dangerous Game Scratch Gallery
 Scratch by MIT
 Blogging Unit Plan
 Blogging Directions Day 1
 Qualities of a Good Blog Post Power Point
 Blog Post Rubric
 Global Conversations Classroom Blog
 Global Voices Blog
 Africa Knows
 Amnesty International Blog
 Oxfam International Blog
 Google Reader
Cacoo Web Site
Cacoo Registration Directions
Buddhism Student Example
Updated Facebook Example (Monet)
Open House
Keep Them Reading PowerPoint
Keep Them Reading Phamplet (MS Publisher File)
Top Secret Passwords Phamplet (MS Publisher File)
Thrive Event
AP Global Studies
Cornell Note-taking PowerPoint (Narrated version)
Cornell Note-taking Rubric