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C. W. Baker High School Building, front view
This year, we will again be using FamilyID for parking registration.  If you have a student who has participated in athletics, you already have an account with FamilyID.  Those who have not created an account should do so at
Guidelines for Registration:
  1. Create a FamilyID account.  An account can be created prior to or at the time of parking registration at
  2. The link to registration is now open. 
Please note: Parking spots will be randomly assigned for all seniors completing the online registration by August 23, 2020.  Seniors may continue to register throughout the year as space allows; there is no deadline. Juniors may begin registering for available parking permits starting August 24, 2020 using the same process.
  1. A completed registration includes uploads of your valid driver’s license and either an Alive @ 25 course certificate or a NYSED approved Driver and Traffic Safety Education course certificate (this excludes the 5-hour pre-licensing course and 6-hour defensive driving course).  If you do not have access to upload these documents, they MUST either be submitted in person to the Baker H.S. Main Office or emailed to  Your registration will not be considered complete until these items are received. 
    1. Alive @ 25 classes can be found online at the following link:
  2. After receiving notice that your application has been approved, it is the student's responsibility to pick up their parking permit in the Attendance office on Monday, August 31st or Friday, September 4th between the hours of 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  3. A $5 fee is required when you pick up your parking permit.  Cash or Checks made payable to Baldwinsville Central School District are accepted.
  4. Students must be in good academic standing, have satisfactory attendance, and be free of any school debt (i.e. textbooks, chromebooks, lunch money, etc.)
  5. Students attending a BOCES program and wishing to drive/park at BOCES and at Baker must also obtain a parking permit form from BOCES and bring it to the main office. (Note: Per the District Code of Conduct - Students who attend BOCES during the school day are not allowed to drive their vehicles or ride with any other student to BOCES without permission.)

To Register to Park: 
1) Click on the current year’s parking registration form for Baker High School on FamilyID
    Landing page.
  •  For assistance with FamilyID, contact FamilyID’s customer service number at 1-888-800-5583.
2) Log in to your account
3) Register for the 2020-2021 Parking Application section
4) Click on "Add Participant Below or Click to Select" and pick your child's name.
5) Upload required documents and sign-off on agreements.
6) Save and Submit

Students and Families,

The following is an excerpt of the Student Handbook that outlines parking policies that need to be followed by student drivers on campus. 
Student parking on campus is limited and is a privilege for Seniors and Juniors only, who follow the application process. The District assumes no liability for vehicles parked on campus.
Under Code of Conduct regulations, a student will be deemed to have consented to the search of his or her motor vehicle (with reasonable suspicion) as a condition of the privilege of parking said vehicle on District property. A student driver assumes responsibility for him/herself, and the observance of all regulations. Student parking is available in the student lot behind the teacher lot at Baker High School and the designated area at the Stadium. At no time during school hours should students park in the quad (7AM–5PM) or in the teachers’ lot or front circle.
Unauthorized vehicles or vehicles parked in unauthorized areas may be subject, at owner’s expense, to towing/ticketing. Student drivers may be subject to disciplinary action.
Controlling Regulations. If you must drive to school, the following regulations must be followed to the letter:
  1. You and your parents must sign a school form requesting that you be allowed to operate a vehicle on school grounds.
  2. You must secure and display a school registration sticker or pass if you park your car on school property. Stickers must be displayed on the rear side window on the driver’s side. Only cars displaying the proper parking sticker identification are to be driven/parked on school grounds.
  3. Students may not give their parking stickers to other students.
  4. By authority of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, all state and local laws affecting vehicles and traffic are in effect on school property. If vehicles in violation of the law are operated on school property, a complaint may be made to the Village of Baldwinsville Police Department and/or School Resource Officer.
Violations. The following will constitute student driving or parking infractions on school grounds.
  1. Operating a vehicle on school grounds without registering the vehicle with the school.
  2. Failure to park in a designated student parking area or lot.
  3. Operating a vehicle on school grounds in a reckless or unsafe manner.
  4. Failure to follow instructions of faculty supervisors in the parking lot before, during or after school.
  5. Operating a vehicle on school grounds without completing the permission form signed by a parent.
  6. Leaving a student parking lot between 7 a.m. and dismissal time without office approval or a blue pass.
  7. Any student utilizing his/her vehicle in the skipping of a class, or any student assisting another student to cut a class by transporting the student in his/her car, or leaving the school campus by car without permission.
  8. Operating a vehicle on school grounds while a driving or parking privilege has been suspended or revoked.
  9. Smoking in or around any vehicle in a student parking lot.
  10. Loitering in or near any vehicle in a student parking lot.
  11. Littering in any area of a student parking lot.
  12. Operating or parking a vehicle on school grounds in violation of New York State or local law. (For example, an unregistered or uninspected motor vehicle.)
  13. Students who develop a pattern of lates to school will lose their driving and parking privileges. Continued tardiness will lead to a more severe consequence.
  14. Students are not to drive to a BOCES program unless they have both parental and school permission BEFORE they do so. Students are NEVER allowed to transport other students. 
Violations Penalty. Any violation of the regulations specified above for which a specific penalty is not defined will subject the student to an immediate suspension of driving and parking privileges on school property. This suspension shall include the entire school complex, which means that a student shall not park near the District Office, the Bus Garage, Elden or Durgee Schools.
Second Violation Penalty. A second violation of any of the regulations specified above will result in a permanent revocation of a student’s operating and parking privileges on the school grounds for the remainder of the school year.
Violations (Trespass).     A refusal of a student to adhere to the above regulations may result in a charge of trespass to be filed with the Village of Baldwinsville Police Department. A student not privileged to be in the parking lot of the school is, under New York State Law, guilty of trespass.
Students driving and/or parking vehicles on the Baker High School Campus or alternate parking lots without a permit will be dealt with through a disciplinary notification to building administration. Chronic violators will be suspended for insubordination. Additionally, students may jeopardize their opportunity to get a parking pass as a senior. Chronic violators of parking regulations may have their vehicles towed at the owner’s expense.