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Middle Ages Resources
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How to Upload Your Completed iMovie:
1) After you save your iMovie to your camera roll, click here.
2) Fill out the form with your name and email. 
For the "Content Title" write the period number and your character's role. For example, you might write, "2Knight" or "6Pope"
3) Click the "Add+" button at the bottom, and select your movie from the camera roll. Then click, "Start Upload." Wait for the upload to complete.

Your Research Questions:
1. How does this individual fit into the feudal pyramid? How is this individual viewed by others in the feudal pyramid?

2. Could this individual gain more power? If so, how?

3. How does religion affect the individual politically, economically, and socially?

4. What were the daily functions of this individual’s job/role? What tools, if any, were used to fulfill these functions (e.g., soldiers’ weapons)? What did this individual do for entertainment?

5. What type of home did this individual live in? What kind of food did he/she eat?

6. What was this individual’s education level?

7. Who did this individual typically marry? How were those marriages decided?

Directions on How to Access Videos

1. In a new tab, go to
2. Log in using the username and password on the front of your research packet.
3. Type in the title of the movie you want to access.

Copies of Handouts

Week 1: Research and Character Profile

Research Packet (this is not a fillable form, so you will need to print)
Character Profile
Research Packet and Character Profile Rubrics

Week 2: iMovie Planning and Creation
Planning Packet (this is not a fillable form, so you will need to print)
iMovie Planning Sheet
Planning Packet and iMovie Rubric

All Social Classes

      Education and Government:
      Women and Marriage:       Food:
All Nobility (King/Monarch, Upper Noble/Lord, Lesser Noble/Knight)
Upper Noble
Lesser Noble/Knight
Craftsman (Artisan)
PBS Hinduism Links


Hindu Gods:

Absolute Rulers
FBI Wanted Poster Example 1  
FBI Wanted Poster Example 2  
Religions Project
** Example Site ** BBC Schools - Religion
BBC Religions  
BBC Religions 2  
World Religions for Children Woodlands Junior High
Regents Review - Belief Systems Work through these 26 multiple choice questions
Immigration Project 
Collections of Immigrant Experiences
MANY Immigrant Experiences Includes information on immigrants of the following ethnicities: African, Chinese, English, German, Irish, Italian, Japanese and Jewish. Use under "Immigration" to navigate.
MANY Immigrant Experiences #2 Includes informaiton on immigrants of the following ethnicities: English, Scottish, Irish, German, Italian, Chinese, Cuban, and Hispanic.
Modern Immigrant Experience  
Modern Immigrant Experience  
Experiences by Ethnicity
Armenian Immigrants Push/Pull Facotrs - great site from the Advocates for Human Rights
Asian Immigrants  
Asian Immigrants  
Austrio-Hungarian Immigrants Push/Pull Factors - great site from the Advocates for Human Rights
Chinese Immigrants Push/Pull Factors - great site from the Advocates for Human Rights
Cuban Immigrants Push/Pull Factors - great site from the Advocates for Human Rights
English Immigrants Push Factors from Digital History
Hispanic Immigrants  
Hispanic Immigrants  
Irish Immigrants  
Irish Immigrants  
Italian Immigrants Push/Pull Factors - great site from the Advocates for Human Rights
Italian Immigrants Push Factors from PBS
German Immigrants Push/Pull Factors - great site from the Advocates for Human Rights
German Immigrants  
German Immigrants  
Greek Immigrants Push/Pull Factors - great site from the Advocates for Human Rights
Jewish Immigrants Psh Factors - PBS
Norwegian Immigrants Push/Pull Factors - great site from the Advocates for Human Rights
Polish Immigrants Push/Pull Factors - great site from the Advocates for Human Rights
Russian Immigrants  
Ukranian Immigrants  
Name Resources  
Behind the Name  
Surname DB  
City and Town Names
Traditional First Names
German names - BOYS and GIRLS  
French names  
Polish names  
Italian names  
Greek names  
Swedish names  
19th Century Diseases
 Cholera #1  Information from the Mayo Clinic
 Cholera #2  CUNY Info on Cholera in NYC. Use menus at top and bottom of page.
 Cholera #3  Wikipedia
 Typhus #1  Britannica entry
 Typhus #2  Wikipedia entry
 Tuberculosis (AKA - Consumption) Harvard University Library
 Tuberculosis (AKA - Consumption)  Wikipedia entry
 Scurvy  Medline Plus article
 Scabies #1  ADAM Medical Encyclopeida Article
 Scabies #2  Wikipedia entry
 Trachoma #1 The Museum of Family History
 Trachoma #2  WIkipedia entry
Money Around the World
Inflation Calculator  
Types of Currency #1  List from Fact Monster
Types of Currency #2  Images and list from David Hasenick
Reformers Project
Reforming Government
Expanding voter power
Women’s Rights
Minority Rights
Theodore Roosevelt
Links for Everyone
Summary of the 1920s  
1920s Slang  
 Economic Boom 
 Henry Ford  
 Warren G. Harding   
 Warren G. Harding  
 Calvin Coolidge  Click on "More" under a "Life in Brief" for details
  Political Reforms
 Prohibition Advocate Click on these people: Neal Dow, Mary Hanchett Hunt, Carrie Nation and Eliza Jane Thompson
 Bootlegger/Speakeasy Owner  
 Bootlegger/Speakeasy Owner Click on these people: Dion O'Banion, Roy Olmstead, and Adolphus Busch
 Social/Moral Concerns
 Flapper 2  
 Housewife of the 1920s  A REAL Housewife's diary from 1925 with modern explanations
 Teenager  Life of a teenager in Harlem 1920s (primary source)
 Teenager 2  
 African American Living in Harlem  Use the tabs at the top to explore the different sections
 Arts & Entertainment
 Jazz Musician  Use the menu on the left to navigate the site
 Movie Actor  
 Sports Fan  
 Sports Fan  
 Artist/Author  Information on the Surrealism Movement
 Artist/Author  Focus on the 1920s portion of this page
 Heroes of the Era 
Charles Lindbergh  
Charles Lindbergh 2  
Amelia Earhart  Use the drop down menu under "About" to find more information
Charlie Chaplin  
Marcus Garvey  
Babe Ruth  Look for the "Biography" tab
Al Capone 1  
Al Capone 2  
Hary Houdini  
Economic Bust
Business/Factory Owner Watch the videos! How a barter economy impacted businesses
Business/Factory Owner Development of supermakerts in the 1930s
Business/Factory Owner Hard to read, but interesting article about the changing business scene in the 1930s
Unemployed worker  
Unemployed worker All info useful, but you may want to focus on paragraph 2
Unemployed worker All useful, but focus on paragraph 8
First Time Stock Market Investor Looks at what companies made the most money in the 1930s
First Time Stock Market Investor Use the arrow at the bottom of the screen to view all three pages
Herbert Hoover  
Franklin D. Roosevelt  
Construction worker for the TVA History of the TVA
Forestry worker for the CCC Overview of the CCC
Forestry Worker for the CCC Scroll down to the section starting with "The Early Days..." for great details about life in a camp
General Motors workers on strike Primary source on the labor movement (scroll down to "Source Text" section)
General Motors workers on strike  
General Motors workers on strike Overview of strikes and unions in the 1930s
Hooverville Citizen  
Political Issues
Hoover/Laissez faire supporter This is a long article, but it's got lots of great info
FDR/New Deal supporter  
FDR/New Deal supporter Watch the video clips for great primary source info
Dust Bowl
Oklahoma farmer who stayed WATCH the videos for great first hand accounts about farming during the Dust Bowl
Oklahoma farmer who left Look at links on left - under "Okies" check out "Riding the Rails" and "Hitchiking"
California farm owner Go to page 2 and read under heading "Life in California"
Arts & Entertainment
Swing Musician  
Delta Blues Musician  
Movie Actor (musicals) Use the index on the left side of the page to navigate this site
Movie Actor (ganster films)  
Social Realism Artist  
Social Realism Artist  
John Steinbeck  
Heroes of the Era
Will Rogers  
Benny Goodman  
Judy Garland  
Jesse Owens  
Joe Lewis  
Lou Gehrig  
  Mesoamerica and South America Guidebook Project
Mesoamerica & South America  Google sites project
Renaissance Wiki
Renaissance Wiki  

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