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Hour of Code Games
Code Monkey Code Combat Minecraft Hour of Code
Star Wars Hour of Code Code Commander  
Library Games
** These games, and ONLY these games, are approved for play in the library. **
If you'd like to see a game added to this page, please complete this form

Blood Typing  Control of the Cell Cycle  DNA: The Double Helix
 Lord of the Flies  Prisoners of War  Trade Ruler
Geospy Fit Brains  Particle Pro
Ayiti: The Cost of Life Launchball Darfur is Dying 
Do I Have a Right? Gauging Your Distraction Tempest in Crescent City
WaterBusters  Barrel Blaster World Heritage Destinations
Minecraft  RagDoll Cannon (Sound off) Place the State
Please note: Minecraft is no longer allowed on school computers. 
Scavanger Hunt History Brainteaser: Inca Copycat
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Teen Blogs & Funny Blogs
Most of the blogs below are written by teenagers, and one,
although not written by teenagers,is just pain funny.
Check them out, and then create your own here

Notice: The sites below are outside of the Baldwinsville School District domain. 
BCSD is not affiliated with and takes no responsibility for these sites.



Foodie at 15


Oh Clementine


 Teenage foodie who writes about his apprenticeship at Lacroix at the Rittenhouse.


 The witty musings and writing of an aspiring teen author.


Teen Tech Blog


Sea of Shoes



 Teen techies reivew the latest and greatest technology for teens.


 Fashion-forward maven with an envious closet full of designer duds.


This is Why You're Fat


Both Sides of the Mouth


A blog showcasing the most unhealthy, most delicious foods imaginable (not written by teens)


 An mp3 based blog written by two teens with a great ear for the newest and coolest bands.

 Global Studies Blogs  
Global Voices Online   Africa Knows
Oxfam International   Amnesty International
Global Conversations - Mrs Froelick   Global Conversations - Mrs Cesari


Check out Durgee's very own Random Reviews Technolgoy site, created by you!

Notice: The sites above are outside of the Baldwinsville School District domain.
BCSD is not affiliated with and takes no responsibility for these sites.

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