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Streaming and Interactive Websites
Media Connect Search, order and download, visual media (PW needed)
Discovery Streaming See Mrs. Cesari for PW info
Copyright Resources
Copyright Flowchart Follow the flowchart to dertmine if you can use it in your classroom
Library Newsletters Website of the Month
Podcasting in Education Apple's website about educational podcasting
Teen Health & Wellness See Mrs. Cesari for PW info Cool electronics at bargains prices for home
FitDay Free online weightloss journal
Blackboard Blackboard
Education Blogs Find great education blogs by subject
CapSpace Video conferencing collaboration ideas
Tech Tips
Wordle Make beautiful word clouds
Zamzar Easily save YouTube videos for the classroom
Webspiration Webspiration -- free version of Kidspiration
XTimeline Create timelines online for free
Homepage Startup See all your favorite sites in one place
Cha Cha Send a text and get a real person answer
RefSeek Academic search engine Shorten your URLs
Purpose Games Create trivia and quiz games based on classroom content
Type Racer Competitive typing game
Google Labs Checkout the cool things Google is cooking up
Jo.t Down Sticky notes for your PC
All My A visual look at your favorite Web sites
Poll Everywhere Instant feedback for your classroom
Social Studies Resources
Social Studies Resources View the resources in a PowerPoint presentation
Glogster Visit Glogster's edu site
Microsoft PhotoStory3 Download Photostory
Glogster Resources
Career Resources Part 1  <-- Click to watch the video
Career Resources Part 2   <-- Click to watch the video
Glogster Part 1   <-- Click to watch the video
Glogster Part 2   <-- Click to watch the video
Glogster Part 3   <-- Click to watch the video
Other Resources
Image Searching for Subs  
Conference Information Files and handouts
Plato Credit Recovery Create and deliver online learning
Plato Support Center Access support and training for Plato
Educator's Reference Desk  
Gateway to 21st Century Skills  
NY Learns  
NYS Education Dept.  
NYS Virtual Learning System  
School Tools  
Teaching Books See Mrs. Cesari for PW info
Glogster Resources
Teacher Created Glogs  
 Water Cycle  A web-quest style glog
 Armchair Travel  A book-talk glog
 Adaptions  An assignment glog
Student Created Glogs  
 Plumonologist  Career exploration poster by a Durgee student
 Libertarian Party  Political parties project
 Whispers in the Wind  Creative writing product
Glogster's Web Site Access it from:
Podcasting Resources
Audacity Tutorial Watch this short video on using Audacity
Bad Podcast Example Listen to an example of a bad podcast
Great Podcast Example Listen to an example of a good podcast
Student Example 1 Dangers of Credit Cards - Baldwinsville HS
Student Example 2 Dangers of Credit Cards - Baldwinsville HS
Student Example 3 Dangers of Credit Cards - Baldwinsville HS
Student Example 4 Identity Theft - Baldwinsville HS
Student Example 5 Classroom podcast from 3rd & 4th graders in ME
Student Example 6 Social Studies play from middle schoolers in CO
Student Example 7 1st Grade Class on the Solar System (WillowWeb)
Student Example 8 ColeyCasts - Pick any topic and listen
Student Example 9 Election discussion - High School students in MI
Teacher Example 1 StudyCast - Listen to teacher's review
Podcasting Timeline Day by day plan for a podcasting project
Teacher Lesson Plan Mrs. Sawyer's multi-day lesson plan
Student Assignment Sheet Mrs. Sawyer's directions for finance podcast project
Podcast Planning Sheet Mrs. Sawyer's graphic organizer
Podcast Rubric Mrs. Sawyer's scoring guide
Soundzabound Link to BOCES Media catalog

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