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English Resources
Mythology Resources
History Resources
Ominvore's Dilemma
Spring Into Action Research Project
Mrs. Cartier's The Secret Life of Bees Blogging Project
Sugar Changed the World Resource
Emmett Till Articles
To Kill a Mockingbird Resources
Civil War
Civil Rights
The Scottsboro Boys
The Great Depression
Jim Crow Laws
Leaders in the Civil Rights Movement
The Ku Klux Klan (KKK)
Newspaper Book Reports
Honors Project Directions - Follow the directions as attached. Please see Mrs. Cesari if you have "technical" questions about the project.
Regents Project Directions - Follow the directions as attached. Please see Mrs. Cesari if you have "technical" questions about the project.
PowerPoint Template - Download and edit in your newspaper in Powerpoint. 
Word Template - Download and edit your newspaper in Word.
Video Poetry Resources
Sarah Kay - "Hands" (Slam style)
Eric Darby - "Scratch and Dent Dreams" (Slam style)
Noah St. John * (D) - "Capoeira" (Slam style)
A A Milne - "Disobedience"
Billy Collins - "Introduction to Poetry"
Jack Prelutsky - "Bleezer's Ice Cream"
Karla Kushkin - "If I were"
J. Patrick Lewis - "The Chromosome Poem"
Shel Silverstein - "Ickle Me, Pickle Me"
Shel Silverstein - "Smart"
Blog Questionnaire Click here for blog questions

The Pioneer Woman

Blog Post #1

Wild Birds Unlimited

Blog Post #2
Bakerella  Blog Post #3
Walt Disney Blog Post #4

Blog Results

Compare your answers


Protect your thoughts

International Ghost Hunter's Society

A Ghost Research Society

Bureau of Sasquatch Affiars

Sasquatch-Human relations

Martin Luther King

A true historical examination

Center for Defense Information

Info on the Iraq War

General Resources


United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

HUGE encyclopedia - use search box

The Holocaust: A Learning Site for Students

Similar to above, but for teens

Jewish Virtual Library

EASY to search site

The War

PBS site on U.S. and its role in WWII

Primary Sources

A list of links to Holocaust primary sources from USF



Adolf Hitler

Info from PBS

Adolf Eichmann

Watch the slideshow at bottom for photos

Heinrich Himmler 

Lots of photos

Joseph Goebbels

Ask Mrs. Cesari to help print citation info

Joseph Mengel  


Oscar Schindler 

Use the table of contents on the left for more info

Elie Wiesel 

Tabs at top for an interview and photos

Wrath of the Nazis


Nazi/Anti-Semitic Propaganda

Check out article on racism, too

Nazi Racism

Info on Anti-Semitism

Gestapo and SS

Hitler Youth  

Nuremburg Laws


Holocaust Symbols - Swastika


Holocaust Symbols - Triangles


Death Marches

Click link at bottom for more info

Non-Jewish Victims


Concentration Camps


Bergen Belsen 

 Info from the Bergen-Belsen Memorial







Significant Events

Danish Resistance  

Kristallnacht - Night of Broken Glass 

Click blue words for defintions



Rescue Efforts - St. Louis



 PBS - Ken Burns




 Basic info about ghettos

Life in the Ghettos 


Warsaw Ghetto Uprising


Theresienstadt Ghetto




Nuremberg Trials


Anne Frank's Diary 

 Shakespeare & Elizabethan England    
General Elizabethan Pathfinder 
Google Doc with Elizabethan Era Information
Elizabethan Links and Sites  

Shakespeare the Man  

Shakespeare's Biography 

Birth to retirement

The 7 Ages of Shakespeare's Life 

Internet Shakespeare Edition

Shakespeare the Playwright and Actor   

Synopses of his Plays 

Summaries of his comedies & tragedies

Explanations of his Plays

Great backgroud info on his plays

Shakespeare's Language  

Grammar and new words

From the Shakespeare Resource Center

Famous Quotes

200+ of Shakespeare's most famous quotes

Shakespeare's Language

Shakespeare's language

The Globe Theater

Shakespeare's Globe

Building and construction of the theater

Interactive Virtual Tour 

Tour the Globe Theater

Elizabethan England Philosphy and Beliefs    

Introduction to Alchemy

This is at a HIGH reading level

Astrology and the Renaissance

Lots of info here

History of Alchemy

 Slide down to section on "English Alchemists"

Elizabethan England Marriage and Customs


Love & Marriage

Traditional expectations of the period

Elizabethan England: Medical Beliefs  

Bubonic Plague

Info from Google Books on the plague

History of Renaissance Medicine

Click on "revise" to read each topic

Queen Elizabeth and the Arts   

Elizabeth and the Arts 

Her take on theater, dance, etc.
Queen Elizabeth I Biography Extensive info from the BBC

Elizabethan Society  

Elizabethan Life

Homes, social classes, etc.

Elizabethan Language

Proper Elizabethan Language 

Scroll to bottom for more sections on insults, vocab, etc.

Authorship Debate

Authorship Debate 

FAZQs about the authorship debate

City Live vs. Country Life

City Laborers

View additional green links at bottom of page

Country Laborers

View additional green links at bottom of page

Gardens, Flowers, Herbs    

Elizabethan Gardens

Plants by seasons
Elizabethan Gardens Insight from a primary source

Bulfinch's Mythology

Full length myths

Dictionary of Classical Mythology

Word and phrase definitions

Encyclopedia Mythica

Greek vs. Roman names of Gods

Genealogy: Greek Pantheon

Greek Gods Family Tree

God Checker

Greek Gods Encyclopedia

Myth Man 

Greek Mythology Today & Myth Mania

Myth Net

Full length myths

Myth Web

God & Hero biographies, Myth Encyclopedia

Mythological Dictionary

Word and phrase defintions

Teen Issues

Family & Relationships



Dealing with divorced parents

Birth Order 

Does birth order influence personality?
Foster Care FAQs, statistics, etc.

Physical & Emotional


*** Teen Health  **  A MUST VISIT SITE FOR ALL

Body, mind, sex, food & fitness, drugs, alcohol -- AND MORE!
Cutting / Self Mutilation Everything from ways to help cutters to first person stories
Drug Addiction Facts, health effects, etc

Sexual Wellbeing

STDs, contraception, etc.
Sexual Identity Info on GLBTQ issues

Mental Health 

Depression, anxiety, eatting disorders
Teen Pregnancy Info from Planned Parenthood
Steroids All aspects of steroid abuse
Suicide Lots of info plus great links to more

School & Learning



ADHD info, including driving & drugs

Gangs Check out the "helpful links" at the end


Article on positives and negatives of uniforms

School Violence

School violence and bullying info
Stalking Stalking info for teens


What's a clique and how to cope
Peer Pressure Fun site about peer pressure
Perfectionism Perfectionism in kids

Self Expression


Body Piercing

Things to consider
Cell Phones Texting, sexting and life with a phone
LIfe Online Internet Safety


Things to consider. Check out more articles at right.


Types of vegetarians, diet, concerns, etc.
Song Lyrics Article on song lyrics and sex
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