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Hard Water
"Treatment Methods" from <--Best Place to start (has some prices, too)
"Hard Water" by Mountain Empire College 
"What is Hard Water and Why is Hard Water Bad?" from The Soft Water Shop
"Drinking Water: Hard Water" from the Cambridge Water Department
Chemical Water Softener  and here - look here for price
Water Filter Cost -- look here for price

"Why Does My Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs?" by the Well Management Program of the Minnesota Department of Health<-- best place to start
"Fact Sheet: Why Does My Well Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs?" from New Brunswick, Canada
Cost of Bleach
Cost of Chlorine 
Activated Carbon Filter Cost
Oxidizing Water Filter Cost 
Magnisum Anode Cost 

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)
Directions: There is only one website for you to look at, the New York Invasive Species Clearinghouse's website. Once you click on the link above, use the left hand menu to navigate. You will want to look at the tabs "What is EAB?" "Management and Control," and "Facts and History." 
Biofuel (Ethanol) Powered Cars
Fuel Cell (Hydrogen) Powered Cars
Electric Cars
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