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Spanish 1 - Room 520 - Mrs. Paul

Durgee Junior High School
Here are some great sites that you can practice on to improve your vocabulary acquisition.

check out my QUIZLET page: you can review all the study sets I've made and learn your vocabulary!!!!      you can log on with my name     Kristine_paul  and go to my study sets

Theme 1 vocabulary reinforcement - click on these links to practice       - this  video is a great way to learn the numbers 1 - 30
nouns have gender:
el, la, los,  las

Theme 2 practice

Watch this short video about telling time in Spanish:
Take notes on a sheet of paper and hand in to me on Monday for +2 bonus pts!

los pronombres: pronouns

learn about the verb ser  :
ser song:

This is the ¿Cómo eres? video:
Yo soy guapo video
pronoun songs - remember that  él = he  ( don't forget the accent, otherwise  el = the )
Theme 3 - La Escuela: Click on the links below to review school vocab.
This is the Conjugations Back video, it will help you remember the ar verb conjugations

watch this video clip below

Themes  4 & 5:  Watch these videos and give a summary of each.
La familia:

el verbo TENER:
Los Quehaceres: Chores in the house

La casa: house

Theme 6 
review the verb querer=to want: watch this short video and take notes on what you learned. Hand in for  + 2 bonus pts tomorrow.
Las profesiones: watch this short video to start and learn the professions in Spanish
Watch this short video on Professions and list the professions that aren't on our vocabulary list

the verb  ir:  watch this catchy video with the verb ir and learn the conjugations!

Theme 7 - El Tiempo - Weather
click on these videos  to learn your weather vocab!

8 - Sports & Leisure

Theme 9 - Health

Theme 10 - Food

Theme 11 - Clothing

Theme 12 - Travel