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Anti-Bullying @ Durgee 

To report bullying, please click on the following link. Your concerns will be dealt with by a principal or guidance counselor.  Your concerns are of the utmost importance to us! 


Bee holding a "Stop Bullying" sign
Contact School Officials School District Policies
Help for Victims  Tips For Parents
Anti-Bullying Resources  
Bee holding a "Stop Bullying" sign


Durgee Bullying Contacts:

Officer Nord, School Resource Officer (315) 635-4566
Ms. Bonnie Van Benschoten, Principal  (315) 638-6086 
Cynthia Cronin, Assistant Principal - Grade 8  (315) 638-6086 
Sand Bergquist, Assistant Principal - Grade 9 (315) 638-6086 
Mr. Marciniak, Guidance Counselor - Grade 8 A-Di, Grade 9 A-Da  (315) 638-6088
Mrs. Dwyer, Guidance Counselor - Grade 8 E-La, Grade 9 Du-K  (315) 638-6088
Mrs. Arigo, Guidance Counselor - Grade 8 Lb-R, Grade 9 L-R  (315) 638-6088
Mr. McMahon, Guidance Counselor - Grade 8 S-Z, Grade 9 S-Z  (315) 638-6088

School District Policies:

 Dignity for All Students Act  New York State Legislation

Help for Victims:

 Kid Power  Face Bullying with Confidence

Tips for Parents:
EyeGuardian A resource that monitors your child's Facebook for inappropriate content and threats.
Parent's Guide to Facebook A helpful parent manual produced by the Connect Safely organization.
What do I do?  Do you suspect your child is being bullied? Find Suggestions here.
My Kid Would Never Bully  A Dateline series on bullying.

Anti-Bullying Resources:

StopBullying.Gov provides information from various government agencies on how kids, teens, young adults, parents, educators and others in the community can prevent or stop bullying. 
Stop Bullying Now Practical research bases strategies to reduce bullying in schools.