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La Página de la señora Alberico-Farr

My after school availability (in room 1428)  is announced weekly on side board in classroom.
Are you studying your vocab every night? Weekly quizzes are usually 2nd day of week unless otherwise announced.
Materiales para empezar
3 ring binder with pocket and/or zipper pencil holder (for holding novel)
5 dividers
word reference app on mobile device (optional)
flashcards (optional)
highlighter (optional)

If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to make up work. Work due during absence is expected upon return. Check "Ausencias" folder upon return and speak to me. Also use google classroom if needed.
Retakes are offered on SOME assignments. Refer to Class description or see me if you have questions.
Study your vocab 5-10 EVERY night.