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McNamara Music

Let's Make Joyful Music in 2017-2018!
My goal is to have each child grow as an individual and as a musician through active music making. Content is learned through an active process of creating and exploring musical concepts. Students will sing, say, dance, and play instruments all the way through their time in my classroom. I always believe the process is just as important as the product, and so the children are often encouraged to be the composers and the improvisers, making their music class unique to each class every year.
~ Ms. Brittany O'Reilly
Curriculum: Students in music class learn about musical concepts such as rhythm, melody, form, and style. They will explore expressive movement which is creative and often improvised, and formal movement such as folk dances.  They will build skill using classroom instruments such as Orff instruments (Xylophones) and Recorders (3rd Grade and up!). They will practice communication and collaboration as they work as a group to make beautiful music.

Feel free to contact Ms. O'Reilly at any time with any questions or concerns: