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Welcome to the Baldwinsville Central School District's Curriculum & Learning Standards Page
Listed here are all Subject Areas' Standards, Benchmarks and
Specific Content for each grade level.

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Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) through Grade 6 Curriculum and Learning Standards

NYS Learning



Social Studies



Fine Arts NYS Learning Standards Physical Education NYS Learning Standards

Baldwinsville CSD Curriculum


NYS Prekindergarten Foundation


Grade K ELA

Grade K Social Studies


Overview of PreK-5 Curriculum


Smithsonian Science Units (K-6) and

Project Lead the Way Science/Engineering Units (K-5)



Grade 1 ELA

Grade 1 Social Studies


Grade 2 ELA

Grade 2 Social Studies


Grade 3 ELA

Grade 3 Social Studies


Grade 4 ELA

Grade 4 Social Studies


Grade 5 ELA

Grade 5 Social Studies


Grade 6 ELA

Gr 6 Social Studies

Gr 6 enVision Mathematics Curriculum

Grades 7 through 12 Curriculum and Learning Standards




English Language Arts

NYS Next Generation English Language Arts Learning Standards

ELA Learning Standards Crosswalks

NOTE: ELA courses are not mapped out by quarter due to the reiterative nature of skills-based instruction i.e., reading / writing / listening / speaking are skills that are worked on throughout the year using a variety of texts. Please refer to your student’s syllabus regarding core texts used to teach the priority skills outlined.

7-12 ELA Text Analysis

7-12 ELA Argument

7-12 ELA Research

7-12 ELA Narrative



NYS Next Generation Mathematics Learning Standards

Mathematics Learning Standards Crosswalks

Glossary of Verbs Associated w/ Standards

Math 7

Math 7 Accelerated

Pre-Algebra (Math 8)

Algebra I

Intermediate Algebra

Algebra II

Advanced Alg & Trig

Geometry (Baker)

Geometry (Durgee)

Math Topics

OCC Pre-Calculus

OCC Calculus

AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC

Intro to Statistics

AP Statistics

Data Science

Computer Science Cybersecurity (PLTW)

AP Computer Science Principles (PLTW)

Computer Science A (PLTW)

Computer Science Essentials (PLTW)

Computer Science for Innovators & Makers (PLTW)

Computer Science Gaming Concepts


New P-12 NYS Science Standards

Science Learning Standards Implementation Roadmap

Living Environment
Earth Science

Science 7

Science 7 Accelerated

Science Investigations 

Living Environment

Earth Science

Chemistry (Local) 

Chemistry (Regents)

Physics (Local)

Physics (Regents)

Physics I & II


AP Biology

AP Physics C

AP Chemistry

Math/Science/Tech (MST)

Forensic Science

Human Body Systems (PLTW)

Biomedical Innovation (PLTW)

Medical Interventions (PLTW)

Principles of Biomedical Science (PLTW)

Field Biology

Global Environment

Social Studies

NYS SS Framework Introduction

NYS Social Studies Framework

March 2016 Framework Revisions

NYS Social Studies Field Guide

Social Studies 7

Social Studies 8

Global History I (Gr 9)

Pre-AP World History (Gr 9)

Global History II (Gr 10)

US History & Govt (Gr 11)

Participation in Govt/Economics (Gr 12)

AP American History

Introduction to Sociology

AP World History

Introduction to Psychology

AP Psychology

AP US Govt & Politics

Criminal Law

World Languages


French I

French II

French III

French IV

French V

AP French

Spanish I

Spanish II

Spanish III

Spanish IV

Spanish V

AP Spanish

German I

German II

German III

German IV

German V

Latin I

Latin II

Latin III

Latin IV-V

Career & Technical Education (Business, Family and Consumer Sciences, Technology) 

NYS Career & Technical Education Learning Standards

Middle-level CTE (Technical Assistance Center of NY) Resources



Food & Nutrition Core

Cooking Coast to Coast

Food Science

Global Gourmet

Child Psychology

Business Management

Mathematics of Business & Finance (OCC)

Sports & Entertainment Marketing

Wall Street

Career & Financial Management

Business Ownership & Marketing


Money Management

Technology (Grade 6)

Technology (Grade 7)

Technology (Grade 8)

Design & Drawing for Production (DDP)

Automation & Robotics (Grade 7)

Robotics (non-PLTW)

Creativity & Innovation

Materials Processing (Durgee)

Materials Processing (Baker)

Energy & Power

Introduction to Engineering Design (PLTW)

Engineering Design & Development (PLTW)

Production (Construction & Manufacturing)

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (PLTW)

Communications Systems

Media Production Technology

Webpage Design

Engineering Drawing I

Architectural Drawing

Graphic Communications

Digital Electronics (PLTW)

Principles of Engineering (PLTW)


Robotics Engineering

Program Design and Development (C++)

Basic Auto

Aerospace Engineering (PLTW)

Physical Education (PE) / Health

NYS Physical Education (PE) Learning Standards

Standards K-12th

NYS Learning Standards for Health

Mental Health Education Comprehensive Guide

New York State Health Education Curriculum Resources


Health (Grade 7)

Health (Grades 9-12)

PE Grades 6 & 7

PE Grades 8 & 9

PE Grade 10-12


Fine Arts (Art)

New York State Learning Standards for the Arts (K-12)

6-12 General Art Vertical Articulation of Skills/Common Practices

Art Grade 7

Art Grade 8

Studio in Art I

Studio in Art II

AP Studio Art

Studio in Media Video

Studio in Media Photography

Studio in Creative Crafts (Grade 9) 

Drawing & Painting I

Advanced Drawing & Painting II

Advanced Drawing & Painting III

Oswego Art 102: Drawing

Oswego Art 102: Ceramics

Oswego Art 102: Photography

Introduction to Ceramics & Sculpture I

Intermediate Ceramics & Sculpture

Advanced Ceramics & Sculpture

Wheel Throwing I

Wheel Throwing II

Photography I

Photography II

Photography III

Digital Photography I

Digital Photography II

Digital Photography III

Performing Arts (Music)

New York State Learning Standards for the Arts (K-12)

6-12 Choral Vertical Articulation of Skills/Common Practices

General Music (Grade 7)

Additional District Resources
ELA Novels & Literature for Instruction
Grades K-6
Grades 7-12
Social Studies Social Studies Toolkit
Grade K-4
Grades 5-8
Grades 9-12