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Acting Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kathleen M. Davis
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Secretary to the Acting Superintendent Christy Knaul
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Fax: (315) 638-6041


February 1, 2023

Dear Parents, Guardians, Baldwinsville Staff:

My heart goes out to all of our staff, students and the school community during this difficult time. Over the next few weeks it will be a time of great reflection and healing.  The love and care that has been evidenced will be the light that helps us through.    

As I rejoin the team to lead the district forward, my central goal will be to keep students as the center of all decisions.  Over this past week I have been meeting and working closely with the leadership team and Dr. DeBarbieri to continue to address all aspects of the school’s operations.  Building visits will be happening over the next few weeks. I have also moved here to provide the highest level of support during this transition period.

I am hopeful that together we can blanket the district and provide a protective shield for our students, staff and administration so learning and healing can happen.  We will continue to celebrate student successes, provide support for our students’ social emotional needs, and lift our district back up.  The Baldwinsville Central School District is and always has been a great place to learn, work and live.  

You have my commitment to assist the district in moving forward by developing a long-range plan to ensure district stability, promote excellence in teaching and learning, and prepare students successfully for their future.  I want to thank everyone in advance for their support as I navigate forward with the team. 


Dr. Kathleen M. Davis

Acting Superintendent