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BCSD Building Projects

Auditorium Reno On Schedule for Summer 2017 Completion
The much-anticipated reopening of the Baker High School auditorium will soon be a reality.
The auditorium has been closed this school year for demolition and construction. According to James Rodems, Assistant Superintendent for Management Services, work is progressing as planned and renovations should be completed this summer, making the auditorium available for staff and student use by the start of the 2017-2018 school year in September.
The District and Board of Education would like to thank all students, staff, and the entire community for their patience and flexibility while the auditorium is transformed into a state of the art performance center.  The auditorium renovation is part of the District’s 2014 capital project that the community approved in February 2014.

For more information on the status of the auditorium as well as other pieces of the 2014 capital project, READ MORE.
Baker auditorium renovation - stage Baker High School auditorium - catwalk Baker High School auditorium lobby view Baker High School auditorium


An Update on Summer Work for the 2014 & 2016 Capital Projects

It’s full steam ahead for work at the district stadium, which is part of the 2014 Capital Project that voters approved in February 2014. Work is moving along on schedule, and we anticipate that everything will be complete in time for the fall 2016 athletic season.
The press box and the new aluminum bleachers have been installed, and the contractor is setting up new energy efficient LED lights. When all the lights are installed, Pelcher-Arcaro Stadium will be the first stadium in an upstate school district to have LED lights. Thank you to Mr. Joe Casper, president of Ephesus Lighting for working with our electrical contractor, Ridley Electric, to make this happen. Mr. Casper is a graduate of Baker High School.
At Durgee Junior High School, the bus circle is being widened and a side walk will be installed on both sides of the circle in order to create a safer environment for loading and unloading students. Once complete, the circle will fit all of the buses (about 36 to 40) that service the school so that no buses will be parked in the road, and students will have no reason to be walking in the road during morning unloading and afternoon dismissal each day.
Masonry work and window replacements are being done this summer at Baker High School. Portions of Baker’s roof are also being replaced. This work will be complete before school begins in September.
Work continues at Baker’s auditorium. The contractors have begun work in the ceiling, including electrical work, and they will work their way down. At this point, we anticipate that the auditorium will not be ready for use until the 2017-2018 school year.
At Ray, we are replacing all of the entrance doors. The doors are original to the building and have reached their life expectancy. We are also replacing the school’s boiler over the summer months.
The capital project approved by voters in February 2016 is in the planning stages. This includes a new transportation facility. The land for that facility in the Radisson Industrial Park was purchased from Empire State Development in June 2016.


2016 Building Project

2016 Capital Project Vote
February 9, 2016
6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Baker High School Small Gym
On February 9, district residents will be asked to go to the polls to cast their votes on the 2016 Capital Project. The $32.4 million project will allow the district to continue its goal of maintaining and improving its facilities to provide students with a safe and healthy learning environment. Like your home, the district’s facilities are under a constant state of maintenance. The district’s Facilities Committee has determined that it is the right time, based on the district’s needs and the state’s financial climate, to address the items mentioned above. The district expects to pay for most of the cost of the project with state aid and capital reserves. The scope of the project includes:
New Transportation Facility – $24 Million
The district would like to build a new bus garage on industrial, nontaxable land located in the Radisson Corporate Park to provide the department with much needed space, to reduce traffic congestion and diesel fumes in the village, and to increase our parking facilities for district events.
Baker High School Kitchen Remodel - $1.2 Million
The kitchen is original to the building and in need of new coolers and new floor and wall tiles. The configuration of the kitchen is no longer efficient for the amount of meals that must be prepared and served. A new design would create additional space, improve service, allow for more meal options, and ultimately result in cost savings for Food Service.
Replace Press Box and Lights at Pelcher-Arcaro Stadium - $600,000
The 2014 capital project included new ADA?accessible bleachers at the stadium, and we had planned on using the old press box. However, this has proved to be impractical and the press box must be replaced to fit the new bleacher design. The stadium lights are 30 years old, not energy efficient, and are inadequate for current extracurricular needs.
Other Items - $6.6 Million
* Replace aging roofs at Elden Elementary School, Van Buren Elementary School, the science wing of Baker High School, and the public library.
* Replace damaged lockers at several buildings, masonry and window work, and repurposing of current bus garage.
Alternative Items
Market prices can bring good deals for school districts. By using bid alternates, we may be able to do more work within the project budget, including boilers and air handling equipment at Durgee, masonry and window work at Baker, and replacement of damaged lockers at Durgee.
Capital Project Questions & Answers
Paying for the Capital Project
Capital Project Newsletter 
District Presents Proposed 2016 Capital Project to Board of Ed

Proposal Includes Moving Bus Garage Out of the Village

On November 9, the district facilities committee presented the Board of Education with a capital project proposal for 2016. The Board is scheduled to vote on a proposal at its December 21 meeting, and the community vote will be held on February 9, 2016. The proposal presented in November includes the following items:
*New transportation facility located outside of the Village of Baldwinsville;
*New roofs at Baker High School, Elden Elementary School, Van Buren Elementary School, and the public library (which is owned by the district);
*New lockers at Baker High School, Durgee Junior High School, and Ray Middle School;
*New kitchen at Baker High School;
*Press box and new lighting at Pelcher-Arcaro Stadium;
Possible additional work (depends upon pricing):
*New boilers and air handling at Durgee Junior High School;
*Masonry and window work at Baker High School; and
*Repurposing of current transportation building.
Why build a new transportation facility?
The district believes it is time to build a new facility for several reasons, including:
1. Size, age and location of current facility. The current facility is 70 years old, is too small for the size of our fleet (over 150 vehicles) and is located in the Village of Baldwinsville, a residential area;
2. To reduce traffic congestion in the village. Four times a day we send out 100 vehicles through the village. We estimate that moving the facility out of the village would reduce traffic by 40% to 50%;
3. To reduce diesel fumes in the village, particularly in the winter when we must start 100 diesel engines at
5:00 a.m. whenever the temperature falls below 15 degrees; and
4. To expand our operation by encouraging local municipalities (including other school districts) to contract with the district to repair and maintain their vehicles, thus reducing maintenance costs for them and lowering our costs of operation.
Where will we build a facility?
The district looked at four sites on which to build, including district-owned land north of Durgee Junior High School. Each site had a variety of pros and cons. The district is recommending the purchase of land behind Anheuser Busch that is owned by the Empire State Development Corporation. The site is not located in a residential neighborhood, is outside of the village, has multiple access points, has never been subject to property taxes, and is large enough for our needs.
How much will the total project cost?
We estimate that the total cost for the capital project will be roughly $32.5 million dollars. We expect the project to be at minimal cost to taxpayers due to a combination of 84% state aid reimbursement and the use of the district’s Capital Reserves. The district’s main goal is to maintain our facilities AND keep the cost affordable for our taxpayers.
You can view the detailed presentation from the November 9 Board meeting (no audio) HERE.
The presentation may also be viewed with audio (please wait while file loads):

The Board of Education is scheduled to vote on a Capital Project proposal at its December 21 meeting. The meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. in the cafeteria of Durgee Junior High School. In January, the district will be mailing a special edition of the BEEcon, detailing the proposed capital project, to district residents.

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