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Our new Little Free Library is up and running! A Little Free Library is just that...come and take a book or bring a book to exchange! Anyone can use it! The Little Free Library can be used before or after school, even on the weekend! It is located right next to the playground. We would love for our Elden community and families to be able to get a book whenever they want. Thank you to the Elden PTA for funding this great project!


Elden Elementary is in their first year of the Positivity Project. Their mind set is #otherpeoplematter. They will learn that their words and actions affect others. They will learn to identify and appreciate the good in others. They will learn to be present and give others their attention. They will learn to support others in their struggles and cheer their success. This is Mrs. Elliott's 1st grade class totally mesmerized by their 1st Positivity Project lesson, the Kindness Boomerang! Ask your child about the Positivity Project!