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Kindergarten Music Fun With Mrs. Kahl

Students will voyage through the world of music each week with a new letter.

Activities will focus around a Musical Vocabulary Word that starts with that letter. Other activities will focus on the letter of the day as well. 

Students will also learn about 4 types of voices that we use in our school and community: Singing, Speaking, Shouting & Whispering Voices.

Recently we explored the Families of Instruments: We now know the words: Woodwind, Brass, Percussion, and String Families.  Mrs. Kahl has demonstrated many of these instruments for her students.  We also were able to watch some very cool performers of the instruments that Mrs. Kahl didn't play for us.  

For the remainder of the year students will continue to develop Music Literacy reading and performing quarter notes, quarter rests, and eighth note patterns on various classroom percussion instruments.