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BOCES Programs
*Students who attend the BOCES Programs are assigned either Scientific Inquiring or Data Analysis and Statistics in each year they attend. These classes fulfill the third year of NYS math and science requirements for graduation.
As part of the required 1,000 hours of instruction over a two-year period, students are provided with internship experiences and the opportunity to earn a Career and Technical Endorsement on their diploma by successfully passing the industry-standard proStart exams and NOCTI performance assessment.
 AM BOCES - second year Boces students, typically seniors.
PM BOCES- first year Boces students, typically juniors.
Auto Collision Technology
Auto Technology
Computer Technology
Welding Technology
Construction Technology (Carpentry)
Heavy Equipment Repair, Operation, and Diesel Technology
Health Occupations Technology
Physical Therapy Professions
Laboratory Technology

Culinary Arts & Pastry
Early Childhood Education
Media Marketing

Level I (PM Only) - Wood Technology, Foods I, Service Industry - Pre Vocational
Level II (AM Only) - Basic Carpentry, Foods II, Service Industry - Pre Vocational

This is a two year course that prepares students for occupations in the modern auto body collision repair industry. In the first year students learn the basic skills and techniques using equipment and products that are up to date and currently used in the repair field today. Second year students’ advance into more collision work, frame straightening, custom colors in painting and estimating. As students’ progress they are allowed to work on cars brought into class.
The auto technology program is designed to provide students with basic mechanical knowledge and skills. Students gain the knowledge and skills by doing repair work on customer’s cars which are brought into the shop. The shop operates as a service garage in a large dealership. All repair work is done by the students. The jobs range from a simple oil change to complex on board computer systems. This two-year program is the first step in preparing an individual for a job in the automotive field. It prepares the student for entry-level employment as service maintenance persons, technician assistants, full technicians, service station attendants and New York State inspectors.
The computer technology program is designed to involve students in the construction, operation, and repair of PC Systems and devices. Also, students learn how PC networks are organized and how to install and maintain them, Industry certification (CISCO Networking) is attainable. Over the two-year program, Computer Technology students will learn through a balance of theory and hands-on learning activities specifically designed to prepare graduates of the program for employment and/or college.

CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY (Carpentry) (AM and PM)    3 Credits
The construction technology program trains students in the fundamentals needed to enter the carpentry trade. Students are engaged in the construction of houses and additions to houses on and off campus. They are also involved in many other classroom activities that develop proficient carpentry skills.

Heavy Equipment Repair, Operation, and Diesel Technology  (AM and PM)   3 Credits
Located at Tracey Road Equipment in Syracuse, the two-year Heavy Equipment Operations and Diesel Repair Technology program is designed to offer students essential skills in the operation and repair of heavy equipment and heavy-duty diesel trucks using the latest techniques and computerized diagnostic equipment. Students will gain daily practical experience working with a variety of engines and equipment that will prepare them for employment opportunities or furthering their education at college and technical schools. Students may be eligible to earn industry certifications in safety training and equipment operation. A Career and Technical Endorsement on their high school diploma will signify that students have met the rigorous industry standard upon successfully passing a technical assessment. 

This course will give the student knowledge and technical skills that will prepare them for positions as an entry level welder or for advanced placement in post-secondary education. Work-based learning sites are developed in the second year to allow the opportunity to intern at local businesses.

This program offers multiple entry and exit points for students interested in learning and applying sciences in the health care field. PM students will complete requirements for the NYS Introduction to Health Occupations Proficiency exam. The AM session will complete the “Health Prep” portion of the course which will include Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology and Medical Ethics. Students will complete the requirements necessary to sit for the Nurse Aide certification exam. During the second semester, students will explore additional specialty areas in the allied health field.
PHYSICAL THERAPY (AM and PM)   3 Credits
This course will give the students’ knowledge and technical skills that will prepare them for an entry-level Physical Therapy field, as well as offer a path to entering higher education in a Physical Therapist Assistant college program. Work-based learning sites are developed in the second year to allow the opportunity to intern and shadow at local Physical Therapy Practices.

The Laboratory Technician program is designed for students who enjoy practical hands-on science. In this program, students will learn how to collect data and help conduct research studies. Students will work on complex instrumentation and laboratory equipment conducting experiments that may monitor product quality, test for immune response for patients, or solve a criminal case. Over the two-year program, Laboratory Technician students will learn through a balance of theory and hands-on learning activities specifically designed to prepare graduates of the program for employment and/or college.
COSMETOLOGY (AM and PM)    3 Credits
This course exposes students to theory and practical skill training to prepare them for careers in cosmetology. Satisfactory completion for the course and its 1,200 hours of instruction are required to make a student eligible to take the State licensing exams. The cosmetology program offers students the unique opportunity to develop and practice their skills during a regular weekly clinic when the public is invited to make appointments for beauty services.
CULINARY & PASTRY ARTS (AM and PM)   3 Credits
Culinary and Pastry Arts is a hands-on food preparation program that provides students with broad exposure to the science of cooking and the art of pastry design. Through an academic partnership with the National Restaurant Association, students will develop their culinary and pastry skills learning the proStart curriculum in food production, dining etiquette, customer service, food safety, and sanitation.
This program is offered to students who want to work with young children. Students learn about the characteristics, needs and behavior of three and four year olds and learn how to care for them in a nursery school setting. After learning basic skills, students operate a nursery school for 20 children three days per week. Each high school student in the course is expected to participate in all phases of running the nursery school. On Fridays, students plan activities for the following week and study child development through lectures, discussions, observations, films, speakers and occasional field trips. Graduates may find employment in day care centers, nursery schools and parks & recreation departments. Graduates may continue their education in nursery and elementary education at two and four year colleges.
Media Marketing (AM and PM)   3 Credits
 The two-year Media Marketing Communications program offers a rigorous high school and college level of study that pairs hands-on learning in a real-world business setting at WCNY, Central New York's public media organization. WCNY's Broadcast and Education Center serves as a 21st-century classroom for the students under the instructional guidance of OCM BOCES, Onondaga Community College, and WCNY professionals. In this course, students will work alongside WCNY staff on projects across TV, radio, social media, web, and print platforms, learning firsthand the fundamentals of the world of broadcast media, marketing and communications. Another integral component of the program is the dual credit courses offered through Onondaga Community College, where students begin building their transcript by taking college credits courses on-site with college instructors.

Each of the New Vision Programs is taught on-site where students learn through an integrated immersion model in the actual work environment. Subsequent materials are integrated in the work place and the student receives 3 Career and Technical Education credits. Participation in Government, Economics and senior English credits are earned while involved in the actual work for a total of 5 graduation credits. Please note: Available to Seniors only. New Visions does not meet NCAA criteria for athletic scholarships. Any student considering a Division 1 or 2 College must also take an NCAA approved English 12 course at Baker High School.
Criminal Justice is the study of the criminal justice system ranging from the causes of crime to the law enforcement system, such as police who protect, the court system that deals with interpreting and enforcing the law of the locality, state or nation and the many agencies who interact with this system such as probation, child protection, correction, stop DWI, battered women, etc. This program is taught at the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Department Building in Syracuse.
Engineering Professions is an engineering immersion program designed for highly motivated high school seniors. Students will study the fundamentals of engineering and extend their learning as they work side by side with engineers on projects in aerospace, defense, security and advanced technologies. This program is taught at Lockheed Martin.

Medical Professions is the in-depth study of the health care system examining all the technical support staff needed to provide comprehensive quality care. Students are exposed to occupational, physical and respiratory therapy, nuclear medicine, research, dental, histology, pharmacology, nursing, recreational therapy, surgical practices and many other areas. This program is taught at at SUNY Upstate in Syracuse.