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Food & Nutrition Core  : 7173 : 20 Weeks : 1/2 Credit
This course is an introduction to basic food preparation. Food & Nutrition Core offers basic cooking, baking, food preparation and sanitation skills, which are needed for professional and personal purposes throughout life. Students will learn basic cooking & baking techniques, recipe reading & planning as well as kitchen math, measurements and equivalents. This course is a prerequisite for other cooking courses.

Food Science: 7273 : 40 Weeks : 1 Credit    
Do you like to play with your food? Do you like to experiment and create new foods? Do you need a third science credit? Food Science may be the classes for you! This class encourages students to use their knowledge of food, science and creativity to develop food experiments to discover how science affects the foods we eat. Student do not need to take Food & Nutrition Core prior to Food Science.

Cooking Coast to Coast : 7373 : 20 Weeks : 1/2 Credit   
Prerequisite: Food & Nutrition Core
(Enrollment Preference will be given to Juniors and Seniors)
This course provides a study of American food traditions & culture and focuses on the influences of foreign cultures in our country’s food: with specific region by region units of study across the map. Students prepare foods brought to the USA by immigrants. The course is a mixture of individual work and cooperative group work.
Food for Health, Fitness & Wellness : 7474 : 20 Weeks : 1/2 Credit 
Prerequisite: Food & Nutrition Core
Students interested in life-long health, fitness and wellness will find this course exciting! Students will explore sports, health care, recreation, dietetics, nutrition and fitness. Students will explore ways to cook and bake in healthier ways by modifying recipes and using new ingredients. Students will also complete a personalized analysis of health and participate in weekly fitness activities.
Advanced Cookery : 7275 : 20 Weeks : 1/2 Credit   
Prerequisite: Food & Nutrition Core
This course is designed to challenge students in all areas of cooking and is especially designed for those with specific interest or career paths geared toward the food industry. Various cooking, baking and specialty work will be studied in depth. Students will explore moist and dry heat cooking methods, fine pastry arts, chocolate work, cake decorating, restaurant design, purchasing and costing and menu planning.
Global and Gourmet Foods : : 20 Weeks : 1/2 Credit  
Prerequisite: Food & Nutrition Core
The Global and Gourmet Foods course introduces students to the ways in which the culture and traditions of regions and countries influence food choices. Students will identify and prepare foods from various regions and countries to compare cuisines, ingredients used, and preferred cooking methods.  Students will also examine the issues and conditions which affect the availability and quality of food in the global market.  Current issues related to global nutrition from production through consumption will be explored. Through this investigation students, will understand and appreciate diverse cultures. Students will have the opportunity to examine the wide variety of career paths in the global and gourmet foods fields and identify the knowledge and skills necessary for success within these fields.

Child Psychology : 7271 : 20 Weeks : 1/2 Credit
This is a 20-week program to survey the challenges of understanding and guiding young children effectively through the first ten years of growth. Prenatal development, discipline, and learning are only a few of the areas discussed. This course is recommended for those interested in pursuing a career in any of the human service areas, such as child care, teaching, social work, probation/police science, etc.